Pat Stay Recaps Hollow Da Don Battle At BOTBUK

The former KOTD champion also comments on the possibility of redoing the battle with three rounds on another platform.

Pat Stay and Hollow Da Don were on track to have one of the year's best battles before their match-up was cut to one round at BOTBUK's "Birth Of The Brave" event in London, England on Dec. 6. The first-time league was dealing with scheduling and apparent money issues at their launch event, preventing several of the planned battles from reaching their full potential. correspondent Impact spoke with Pat at the end of the night to get his thoughts on the battle and the last-minute changes.

“Last minute, certain situations happened and we decided it was only gonna be one round unfortunately. Obviously I wouldn’t want that. And that's tough to choose [which content to use]. Round 1 wasn’t really my momentum round, actually right when I got cut off ... my best shit was just coming in ... If I had like two hours to decide I would've rearranged my bars and stacked all my greatest shit but at the end of the day we’ll probably have a rematch so it'll be saved for then.”

Pat declined to comment on why the battle was changed to a one-rounder, but praised Hollows's performance, saying “that’s my favorite Hollow.”

Pat was open to the possibility of a rematch as long as the circumstances were right for everyone involved, and has also started the campaign on Twitter to make it happen.

Releasing a short video on his personal YouTube channel, Pat showed sympathy for the organizers' plights.

“Regardless of whatever situations went on, I want everyone to go watch the pay-per-view," he said. "I care about other people, and I know that everybody gotta eat and I know a good person when I meet him. They’re good people and if you like battle rap you’ll support that too … These people tried hard and I’m one of those dudes that got love for everybody so please support."

Pat also stressed the importance of community in the battle rap world, a significant change of tone from his "battle rap is stupid" sentiments in the past.

"Regardless of how you might see us, we’re family. And a lot of people are too stubborn to say this type of shit, but my peers, our peers, we’re all family. We’ve been down the same path for the past fucking 10 years, the same interests, the same passions. Regardless of where we’re at, this is what we fucking do. Afterwards we shake hands, some of us may not see eye to eye, but we probably have more in common than our immediate group of friends. We’re all family."

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