Dot Mobb vs. NWX Feud Continues As Diss Tracks Fly

Tay Roc goes in on K-Shine, Rain takes shots at Daylyt and Rex targets Rain as the diss track feud grows.

The last couple of weeks have been big for diss tracks stemming from the Dot Mobb vs. NWX (vs. Writers Bloque) war, with new songs from K-Shine, DNA, Big T, Rain, Danny Myers, Dizaster and several from Daylyt all lighting up Facebook groups. The feud seems to keep growing with every passing day, so here are all the relevant tracks in one place.

Tay Roc dropped one for K-Shine and NWX the night before "A Perfect Day To Die."

Rain did a no-holds-barred verse over the "Hit 'Em Up" beat.

And T-Rex took shots at Rain in a track released on Daylyt's YouTube channel.

Dizaster jumped in the mix taking shots at a ton of emcees, including Math Hoffa, Charlie Clips, Aye Verb, DNA, K-Shine and Shotgun Suge. He also continues to call out Murda Mook, here for turning down a battle with Drake because, as Dizaster claims, he didn't have any writtens.

Listen to Dizaster's track here:

Here are the rest:

Daylyt — "Loyalty {Message To K-Shine}"

Daylyt — "Back To Back"

DNA — "Mind Your Business" (Daylyt & Murda Mook Diss)

Big T — "Rex What's The Problem" (Dot Mob diss)

K-Shine & Rain910 — "Used To Be My Dog" (T-Rex Diss)

Danny Myers — "Hornets Nest" (NWX diss)

Big T's response to "Hornets Nest"

Daylyt — "Rainy Day - Letter To K-Shine"

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