Hollow Da Don Apologizes For Botched Pat Stay Battle

He also drops his "Dirty Batch" of unused material for the BOTBUK match-up.

It was supposed to be one of the biggest battles ever. Instead, all fans got was one epic round followed by a lot of disappointment.

In his traditional "Dirty Batch" video, Hollow addresses the issues with Battle Of The Brave's launch event in England before getting into some of his leftover material for Pat Stay.

"At the end of the day, I'm over here bouncing all around because I don't wanna make an 18-minute blog just bashing those dudes," Hollow explains. "I also made the mistake of trying something new, doing something with a new league, but I didn't think it was ever gonna get booked on King Of The Dot honestly and I wanted to make this battle happen ... I went and made the shit happen and it kinda backfired a little bit, so it's a learning experience and the fans gotta learn with us, so I definitely apologize because I did everything from getting them in touch with Hitman and Math, I got the trailer — shoutout Nick McGill — I got people to shoot the trailer, I was trying to tell them to do more promotion ... This is a lesson for anybody getting in the business or trying new stuff."

Hollow continues, explaining that things always look easier from the outside looking in. "I think that was this situation. These cats just thought 'Oh we get the names, we put it out there and everybody will sell out and get the pay-per-view' ... And it's not that easy... You have to prepare everything you do. It has to be a deep preparation of at least thinking four steps ahead of what could possibly happen ... It was just unprepared. I'm trying to think of a better word, but I'm high right now so I'm just gonna say 'unprepared' like five times. But niggas was unprepared. That's what the fuck it is."

Before getting into his bars for Pat, he apologizes one final time and floats the idea of a rematch, but seems unsure as to whether or not he'll do it. "I take part blame in that like I said as a man and I apologize to the fans and the people who paid their money. This won't happen again. That's the best I can definitely tell y'all. I'm not trying no more new shit."

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