Danja Zone Named Angryfan Battler Of 2015

"The pen game has always been top notch but now he has the image to go with it," CAPS says of the Maryland emcee.

Angryfan Movement founder CAPS has released AFM's Top 10 battle rappers list for 2015. The list, which was determined by a few hundred votes from the AFM community on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, includes a mix of new names and familiar faces in the discussion about battle rapper of the year and is relatively different from other recent lists from Jay BlacChris Unbias and The War Report, although many of the names do overlap.

Here's the AFM list:

  • 10. O'fficial
  • 9. T-Top
  • 8. K-Shine
  • 7. Shotgun Suge
  • 6. DNA

5. Chilla Jones: "He battled Tony D, Danny Myers, Pass, Prep, Dizaster, Conceited, Math, 100 Bulletz and Dialect. Yo, Chilla Jones went on a crazy year ... He found out how to not be discouraged by the fans saying he was boring and he learned how to revamp his shit and now he's right back."

4. Tay Roc: "Tay Roc has been fighting his muthafuckin way to the muthafuckin top of URL and if you ask me he did that ... The reason why I'm not mad at him being Number 4 is because he didn't have any clear wins."

3. Bigg K: "The only difference between Bigg K and Roc is that I think Bigg K actually has clear wins ... we gotta remember Bigg K versus Ill Will was a fire battle b, like that was — WHAT! That battle was the shit!"

2. Danny Myers: "Danny Myers has, in my opinion, saved battle rap with the passion he has for this shit ... At the end of the day he brings it, the performance is there, the intensity is there, everything is fucking there."

1. Danja Zone: "Do we got to get into what he did to Lotta Zay? Do we? ... The pen game has always been top notch but now he has the image to go with it ... He found out what was missing and now he's a dangerous muthafucka to battle.

Check out our piece asking whether Danja was battle of the year from last December.

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