Murda Mook Says He Wants To Battle Hollow Da Don

"A lot of mothafuckers feel like he the best nigga, so I have no choice," Mook says of Hollow.

Murda Mook wants to battle Hollow Da Don, he said in a recent interview with XciledTV that dropped on March 14.

The two names are frequently mentioned together because both of their fan bases are adamant that their guy is the greatest battler of all time. For a while in 2015, Mook seemed on track to battle Tsu Surf, but those plans fell through and now the Harlem emcee is expressing his interest in taking Hollow.

Mook opens the interview by wondering why fans think he is scared to battle Hollow or Surf when he is coming off a battle against fellow Harlem legend Loaded Lux at "Total Slaughter." "Why would I be scared to battle a nigga or duck a nigga? I battled the most dangerous nigga at the time, at the height of his most dangerous."

Mook goes on to say, "I want Hollow ... I don't know if he would give me the toughest match-up because I feel like the angle I would use, people would understand." He continues, "He got the attention of the people you understand what I'm saying so ... a lot of mothafuckers feel like he the best nigga so I have no choice but to do that."

Hollow Da Don hasn't addressed Mook directly since this interview happened, although he did drop Mook's name in a since-deleted Instagram post that had lots of his fans speculating on the match-up.


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