Tay Roc Explains Issues With K-Shine At URL's "Double Impact"

The headline battle between Gun Titles and NWX was stopped early after scuffles broke out.

Tay Roc and Tsu Surf were well on their way to having performance of the night at URL's "Double Impact" on March 26 before a series of scuffles cut the battle somewhere in the bottom of the second round. Most of the tension was between Tay Roc and K-Shine, whose rivalry has been a major part of the ongoing NWX vs. Dot Mob feud since last year.

BattleRap.com caught up with Tay Roc at the end of the event to talk about his performance and what set off the issues with K-Shine that night.

Cover photo by Smart Alix for BattleRap.com.

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