Music Of The Month: Head I.C.E, Chess, Loaded Lux

Your monthly mixtape of music from the battle rap community.

Every month we compile a list of the best singles, videos and albums to come out of the battle rap community. This edition features a collaboration between Head I.C.E and Math Hoffa, Marv Won and Illmaculate teaming up for a new project, and Lunar C dissing Don't Flop emcees.

Head I.C.E feat. Math Hoffa — “Captain Kirk”

Birthday Boys (Marv Won & Illmaculate) — “Blow Your Candles Out”

Shotty Horroh — “Fuck Up Da Ting”

Loaded Lux — “Fallen Angels”

Lunar C — “Viewpoint freestyle”

Chess Feat. Presidential Dubz — “Why Do They Hate Me”

Hopsin (With Daylyt in the video) — “ILL Mind Of Hopsin 8”

Daylyt & Mr2theP — “Pound Cake freestyle,” “If I Owned The Planet” & “Tryna Get It"

Rum Nitty — “Who Shot Ya” (Tay Roc Diss)

Brizz Rawsteen — “Oh No”

Cortez feat. WhoFreshAsFitz — “Fast Forward"

K-Shine — “Wrong Niggaz”

Dot Mob — “Voices”

Blizzard — “Letter To Phife”

Big Tom Presents Aye Verb — “Talk To Yo Son” Remix

Big Tom Presents Rum Nitty — "M.O.P."

Big Tom Presents Mike P — “Hadouken”

Big Tom Presents Mr. Wavy — "Zombie Wit It"

Big T — F@#K Her When I Wanna” & "Go Crazy"

Bishop Brigante — “Feat. Bishop Brigante”

Sahtyre — “Freestyle In The Snowy Wilderness”

Lu Cipher feat. Jonny Storm & MyVerse — “Battle Rap Illuminati”

Cee Major — “I Got It”

Dre Dennis, Brooklyn Carter, Tink Tha Demon, Nunn Nunn, Sin Sity, Illanoiz — “Sincere Cypher” Writer Jackson Yates & Pen Ultimate — Album, The Mixtape

E Hart — “Panda” Freestyle

Lotta Zay feat. Ali Bey — “Ok Ready“

Bill Collector — “Panda Freestyle" & “2 For 15"

Gwitty — “I Don’t Care (What Else) - Call Em’ Sworld Star"

Stess The Emcee feat. Arsonal, Shabeem Sahdeeq, Supreme The Eloheem — “Wolves”

Heir Jordan — “Bonnaroo (10 Bandz Remix)”

DJ Docta (KOTD’s DJ) — Generations

Rosenberg Raw — “Gat On My Hip”

Cali Smoov — Uber Everywhere Remix

Impact — “Heresy EP Warm Up"

Stargirl Ladyred feat. Don Ladyii — “Banz”

Dre Dennis — “Summer 16" (Ty Law Diss)

M. Ciddy — “Twelve O’clock”

Joe Cash — “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up”

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