We Interviewed The Guy Who Wants You To Bow Down To Loaded Lux

Omar has left thousands of pro-Lux comments on battle rap related videos on YouTube.

Chances are, if you've scrolled through the comments of a battle rap related video on YouTube, you've seen Dadee3 urging everyone to "BOW DOWN TO LORDED LUXXXXXXX." We have hundreds of interviews on our channel, and his pro-Lux outbursts have become a consistent presence on many of them.

BattleRap.com reached out to the man himself, AKA Omar, to get some insight into his methods and motivations.

Who are you?
In real life, I'm simply a mere mortal known as Omar. In the online universe however, I am a supreme entity known as Troll Gawd.

How long have you been posting pro-Loaded Lux comments on YouTube videos?
I've been spreading the Lorded gospel for about two years now.

How many comments do you post per day? How many would you say you've left total?
I'm subscribed to about 97% of all battle rap related channels, therefore I comment as soon as a video appears on my YouTube feed! The amount of comments I've left thus far would have to literally be in the thousands.

Why do you do it?
Why not? A true fan supports their favorite rapper in his high and low moments!

Why do people get so upset about it?
Because I'm the first comment they read on every battle rap related video! The ones that hate it learn to enjoy it and find it entertaining after a while.

In your wisdom, what exactly in the best way to bow down to Loaded Lux?
Loaded? Oh, you mean LORDED! The bow is performed by simply standing up straight, raising both hands in the air, followed by three consecutive bows. Most rappers perform this bow before a major battle to increase their winning chances. Unfortunately, they tend to only bow once or twice instead of three, thus resulting in an incorrect bow position which results in them getting 3-0'd in their battle.

Have you ever met Lux? Has he ever acknowledged your comments?
I had the honor of meeting the king back in 2011 if my memory serves me correct, around the time he was in discussion of battling Iron Solomon in his marvelous return! I felt an enormous amount of power coming from Lux the moment I shook his hand.

Who's the greatest battle rapper of all time?
This is where Troll Gawd needs to be honest and acknowledge that Murda Mook is the greatest, as much as Lorded Lux is my personal favorite! Yes, that came as a surprise, didn't it?