Don't Flop Drops Full "Checkpoint 3" Card

The April 23 event in London features a title match, the return of Tenchoo and the league debut of Copywrite.

Don't Flop's "Checkpoint 3" is a card full of surprises. The April 23 event in London has some unexpected match-ups, as well as a main event that features a big debut and a big return.

Here's the full card:

  • Tenchoo vs. Copywrite
  • Soul vs. Raptor (Title Match)
  • Tony D vs. Troy Brown
  • Big T vs. The Calcium Kid
  • 100 Bulletz vs. Unanymous
  • Shox The Rebel vs. Coma
  • Double L & Dialect vs. Villain & Izzie Gibbs
  • Dialect vs. Bilzar

The main event features the league debut of well-known rapper Copywrite, who made his entrance in modern battle rap as Shredder at last Halloween's "Virus" event. He's facing Tenchoo, a Don't Flop original who has been away from the league for years. reached out to league co-founder Cruger to get his thoughts on the Tenchoo/Copywrite match-up. "It's a great look for DF," he said. "Copywrite is an accomplished rapper who's been around for years and never graced the battle scene despite him having the perfect style for it. It's great to finally have him step in. We were thinking who to match him up with when the idea of Tenchoo came up and we felt like it would be the perfect match-up. I was glad Tenchoo accepted as he hasn't battled for DF for five years and when we tried to get him in the past he hasn't been interested but I guess it's the right time and the right opponent. It's gonna be a classic, I don't think anyone saw this match-up coming."

Another surprising match-up is former DF champion Tony D taking on Troy Brown. Troy has been in the game since the Grind Time era, but hasn't faced a name of Tony's stature in a long time. His clash with Lu Cipher at DF Atlanta last year was a fan favorite, topping's Most Slept-On Battles Of 2015 list.

We reached out to Tony to get some insight on why he took a comparatively smaller name. "I was drunk, it was 3:00 A.M. and Eurgh offered me money. [Troy] has a good reputation as a battler, he's been around for a minute — I saw Dirt beat him years ago, and I saw half of him vs. Mosh Jelton, he's decent." He also added that the smaller name won't impact his motivation, explaining, "Battles are all about me, never my opponent."

The former champion also gave us a prediction for the title match between Soul and Raptor. "I think Raptor is more beatable than Soul. I'm going with Soul by a small margin."

We're still waiting on an official flyer, but for now check out this unofficial one made by fan/designer Steve Finch.


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