Battle Rap Reacts To Gun Titles vs. NWX

What people are saying about URL's "Double Impact" main event.

The headline battle from URL's "Double Impact" is the biggest (English-language) battle of the year so far. The star power of the four emcees involved (combined with the added controversy of the battle getting cut short when it got physical) brought in a huge number of views.

Now, after about 10 days, it has done 870,000 views, almost doubling Dizaster vs. Iron Solomon as the most viewed battle of the year.

The battle has inspired a torrent of reaction, but start by watching TomBig7's remix of Gun Titles' first round over 50 Cent's "I Get Money" beat.

Daylyt also playfully remixed the round on his channel.

Here's some reaction from around Twitter.

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