Chris Unbias Names His Top 10 Third Rounds

Actually it's kind of a Top 16, but who's counting?

Some of the most iconic moments in battle rap came in third rounds. Many battlers save their best material for the third, knowing it’s the final impression people will have. Chris from Unbias Review gave his Top 10 third rounds of all time in his latest video.

Honorable mentions

Math Hoffa vs. T-Rex
Charlie Clips vs. T-Rex
K-Shine vs. DNA

Top 10

We've written extensively about most of these battles. Follow the links to watch the full video.

10. Cortez vs. Hollohan
9. Hollow Da Don vs. Big T
8. Daylyt vs. Ooops (both rounds)
7. Bigg K vs. Math Hoffa
6. Math Hoffa vs. Dizaster
5. B Dot vs. Stricc and B Dot vs. Danny Myers (tie)
4. Big T vs. Tsu Surf
3. Hollow Da Don vs. Loaded Lux (both rounds)
2. Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe
1. Aye Verb vs. Hitman Holla

When selecting his top pick, Chris said of the most iconic moment of the battle: “It’s crazy when you watch this battle, the whole ‘Big Gerald / Yessir,' if none of that would have happened how different this third round would sound.” All the stars aligned for Verb in the battle and he was able to come through with the best battle in Chris’ (and many others') opinion.

What are your favorite third rounds of all time? Let us know in the comments below.