Psycoses Speaks On Gjonaj Battle & Feedback From Fans

Psycoses also weighs in on Rum Nitty vs. Ave and Iron Solomon vs. Dizaster.

One of the fastest rising names in the KOTD scene, Psycoses caught up with Chris Mitchell to discuss fan feedback from his Gjonaj battle and the division of the battle scene, and also gave his opinion on some of the biggest battles of the year.

Speaking on what fans thought of his "Blackout 6" battle, he said: “A lot of people were debating it back and forth” though he added that many people had “stupid reasons” for their opinions, such as Gjonaj’s voice or Psycoses’ “Where’s Waldo?” outfit. He said that those things have “absolutely nothing to do with anything.”

On receiving criticism from the fans, Psycoses admitted that some of it really did help him. He specifically mentioned that he went back to his most recent battles and saw a pattern with his delivery, explaining, “I am actually saying shit … but the problem is, I am saying it a little too fast, and I don’t let the punches sink in.”

Psycoses spoke on his annoyance with the divisions in battle rap, which he said were mostly fueled by fans. “I feel like there needs to be a bit more unity, because if we’re all going to try to make money in the end, and we’re all going to grow, then we have to work together.”

When discussing some of the year's strongest battles, he said that he thought Dizaster vs. Iron Solomon was the most intense battle he’s ever seen, that Rum Nitty beat Ave, adding that Nitty is his "favorite writer in battle rap."

Psycoses said that he hadn’t yet seen B Dot vs. Danny Myers but praised both guys.

Cover photo by Banshee for KOTD.

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