Battle Rap Reacts To Hollow Da Don vs. Pat Stay

What fans and battlers are saying about KOTD's "Massacre 2" main event.

KOTD has another hit on their hands. The main event between Pat Stay and Hollow Da Don at "Massacre 2" on May 15 lived up to the high expectations set for it, and delivered a competitive, highly entertaining battle that highlighted the versatility of both emcees.

The video did about 143,000 views on YouTube in the first day — almost 60,000 m0re than the "Blackout 6" main event between Dizaster and Iron Solomon — and is at 287,000 after around five days.

Our polls (and all polls, really) have Hollow taking the battle by a comfortable margin, but the general consensus is that the battle was close, if not debatable.

Pat and Hollow both seem happy with the final product.

The major source of controversy about the battle centers around Hollow's "Looks like I'm backstroking" haymaker in the first round. John John Da Don highlighted two previous battles that used the same concept, including one where it appears that Hollow is in the crowd. A rep from that league explained that Hollow had previously supported them with his attendance and that while he features in the promo intro to the footage, he wasn't in the building for that specific match-up.

Hollow addressed the Chef Trez line on Twitter.

Feedback from fans and battlers has been mostly positive, like it was the night of the event.

's full review of the battle is here, and check out Jay Blac's and Jimz' recaps below.

Also, this.

And here's Hollow's angle of the third-round interview.

Cover photo by KOTD.

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