Chris Unbias Names His Top 10 Second Rounds

St. Louis is dominant in Chris Unbias' Top 10 second rounds.

After listing his picks for the best first rounds and best third rounds in battle rap history, Chris from Unbias Review is back at it again with his Top 10 second rounds. When compiling this list, there aren't as many candidates that jump off the page as there are in the previous two categories, but that should provide much room for discussion.

Honorable mentions

Charron vs. DNA
Bigg K vs. Ill Will (both guys)
Hitman Holla vs. Cortez

Top 10

10. B Magic vs. Qleen Paper
9. Tay Roc vs. Ill Will and Charlie Clips (2 battles)
8. T-Top vs. Th3 Saga and Chess (2 battles)
7. JC vs. Chilla Jones (both guys)
6. Arsonal vs. Shotty Horroh
5. Aye Verb vs. SB
4. Hollow Da Don vs. Loaded Lux
3. Hitman Holla vs. Arsonal
2. Aye Verb vs. Hollow Da Don
1. Yung Ill vs. Rich Dollaz

What are your favorite first rounds of all time? Let us know in the comments below.