What People Are Saying About Bullpen Battle League's "Fade"

Some social media chatter about Bullpen Battle League's "Fade."

Bullpen Battle League's "Fade," which went down in Atlanta on July 16 has gathered a good deal of buzz from those who witnessed it, with some high praise for several battles. The card took a hit with both of its headlining battles being pushed back, though one was able to be rescheduled for the next day.

Because K-Shine missed his flight, his battle with Charron went down a day later at a league tryout event called "Kills Confirmed 2." Because it was supposed to go down on the main day, we've included updates here.

K-Shine vs. Charron

The co-headliner for "Fade" had to be rescheduled for the next day but it lived up to its billing, with all reports indicating that it was a very good, competitive battle.

DNA vs. Chef Trez

This became the new main event of the first nightย and did not disappoint.

PC vs. Ty Law

Cortez vs. Riggz

Loso vs. Xcel

This battle has earned incredibly high praise by those who saw it, with many calling it a classic, and battle of the night.

The battles will be up on video-on-demand this week. Buy them here.

Cover photo byย @Majhatesall.

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