Live Updates From KOTD's "Battles At The Bunker 2"

Live play-by-play from the July 23 event in Los Angeles.

The second installment of King Of The Dot's monthly "Battles At The Bunker" series is going down today (July 23) in Los Angeles and on pay-per-view. The event features Cortez' return to the West Coast, going up against one of best in the world in Bigg K, and two former KOTD champions on the card as well.

Here's the full card, check out our preview for some background on each match-up.

  • Bigg K vs. Cortez
  • The Saurus vs. QP
  • Bender vs. Fredo
  • The Deadman vs. Marlo
  • Random vs. Baby J

Random vs. Baby J

Prior to the battle Baby J said he wasn't a battle rapper. It showed, he came off as a guy who wasn't really used to the format. Random was decent to good but probably not as good as previous battles (he's super dope). Random got it 3-0 though, so he can't complain about that.

The Deadman vs. Marlo

Both guys really acquitted themselves well here, Marlo showed he was far more than just part of a 2 on 2 team with Shuffle with a strong performance, and Deadman continued what has been a really strong streak for him. Very debatable, style clash, but no matter what side of that clash you prefer, the other guy should have some shit that you'll be able to appreciate too.

Bender vs. Fredo

If you don't like this battle, you were never going to like it. Both guys did their style (which was fairly similar) incredibly well. Every round was close and if you're a fan of either or both guys, you'll love this.

The Saurus vs. QP

Much like Deadman vs. Marlo, both guys did very well at what they do. The Saurus had a couple stumbles, which was disappointing, but it was overall a fantastic performance from him. QP lacked in crowd reaction a little, but given how incredibly intricate a writer he is, it's not built for live crowds. Very strong battle from both sides.

Bigg K vs. Cortez

K's third round being so short will probably cost him. The consensus seems to be that Cortez took the battle, I wouldn't disagree with that. It'll have to be something that's watched back on camera, and it's very possible that opinions will change. This was neither guy's worst performance, but it wasn't their best either. Overall it was a good battle, on what was a strong event.

Thanks for rocking with us on the updates, be sure to let us know what you thought of the event in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to for all the fallout from the event.