20 Questions With Franchise

Get to know one of Beastmode's top prospects, now making a run in GZ Battles.

When you think about Canadian battle rappers, the street style isn't exactly something that comes to mind. For hungry Toronto up-and-comer Franchise, that's something he's trying to change. Already one of the hottest names in his home league Beastmode, Franchise has become one of the best in KOTD's Ground Zero division as well.

Who are you?
Franchise aka Mr. No Lacking.

How old are you?
I'm 23 years old.

Why do you live where you live?
I live in Toronto, grew up in the West end the first place I can remember exactly is Weston Rd. and Lawrence .. I never really grew up in one area tho due to certain circumstances, my mom's and I had to move around often.

How long have you been battling/rapping?
I've been freestyling since high school/ spitting writtens. .. Started battling January 2014 so the end of this year will make 3 years.

What made you start?
This is crazy, well I was the best rapper in my high school one day we are all in the cafeteria playing celo Idk how it came up but my niggah said he could beat me in a battle everyone was shocked so we wrote for week made a side bet .. We had the battle in the school staircase principle was down everything .. I beat him 3-0 but I called out another kid in the school name "WAVE" dissed him in my second at the time he was shook so months later I left the school my right hand boy told me the "WAVE the guy I called out in my second was talking shit a year later I seen him battling on BEASTMODE my home grown league go check them out full of Canadian talent, immediately signed up with intention to battle him my first battle wasn't against him I won Kriss Cain aka Weezy head of "BEASTMODE said we got bigger things planned for u , you don't need to battle that guy and here I am now I sit back and think it's crazy what if "WAVE" never ever did a rap battle would I be doing this lol ...

How did you get your battle rap name?
When I was playing sports I use to call myself the Franchise of the team franchise player just stuck with me.If it wasn't Franchise it would of been Teflon

How would you describe your style in three words?
Haymakers shake rooms.

What makes you different from other battle rappers?
I get better every battle Lotta Zay people said that was my best performance, Cortez people said that was my best performance, now A Ward World Dom Day 3 I surpassed everything I ever did. Every battle I get better I'm young and the sky is the limit for me right now


What’s your best battle? (and why?)
My Best battle is against A. Ward it was World Dom Day 3. The footage is dropping September 14. Otherwise from that my Cortez performance was on point, we had a classic shout out Cortez.

What was your worst? (and why?)
My worst battle I think was my debut at the the trapny only reason I say that I forgot half my material in my third wrote my third the day before the battle I had some court stuff dealing with I wasn't focus on the battle and at that point it was my biggest battle of my career due to the league TrapNY. But I still took it 2-1 it was great to see other battles who I watched shout out to no mercy J Murda ftw Fetti 20 Bedaffi Ish Mulah they was showing mad love

What did you learn from them?
I learned that everyone deals with shit, everyone has problems u gotta deal with. If you really want this, no matter what comes your way you gotta push through.

What’s surprised you the most since you started battling?
How far I am also being from Toronto we know new York is the mecca it's a jungle out there. But I think being from Canada especially rapping how I do it's harder to make it. Realistically how many Canadians on KOTD rap with my style? Also the names I've battle Lotta Zay, Cortez, I was surprised didn't think it would be anytime soon.

What’s your favorite battle of all time?
The first battle I ever saw was Hollow and Big T that will also go down but my classic for back in the day was Hitman vs Cortez "they killed your cousin... look at em he acting like a b#$#h right now " but Ave and Rum Nitty deff has to go down to best back and forth.

Who’s in your current Top 5?
My team the mafia go check them out Casper Tha Deadly Ghost, Joey Gambello, Grips Loc and Z Hunna...
But beside them Idk who the current top five is I don't watch a lot of battles and if I do its a lot pg new talent coming up but my favourite battler period is a Toss up between Hollow Da Don and Tay Roc other battlers I watch are Ave rum nitty prez mafia j murda Brooklyn carter i wish he would battle more often, Nu Jerzy Twork, Ryda, Teewhy, Mike P the list goes on lol.

Which battle rapper annoys you? (and why?)
No battle rapper annoys me it's just battle rap, most people forget that. But I heard K Shine been saying "no lacking." People know that's my slogan what's up with that tho lol.

Who would you battle if you could choose anyone?
I'd wanna battle Brooklyn carter. I think his style is crazy I honestly think the footage would look fireee.

What’s the biggest problem in battle rap?
I can't get Norbes to get me a PG. I'm the hottest thing out of my city right now, maybe the country and I don't rap like half the dudes out here that he's thinking of.

How would you fix it?
I don't know Ima have to get a link to Norbes personal line lol.

What do you do when you’re not battling?
Just in the hood chilling doing a one two you know. I spend a lot of time wit my brother, he did a bid for a long period of my life so we catch up on a few things .. take care of my mom's and spend time with my circle A.M.N.E. All my n$#@as eating my friends outside of battle rap that's our squad.

How do you want to be remembered?
The G.O.A.T from Canada , and one of the best battlers ever ... Momma told me to aim high if I fall short ill still end up alright in the end.