Full Lineup For Mistah F.A.B's "No Mask" Announced

Check out a preview of the 5 battle supercard going down on October 30.

For weeks the battle world had been hearing that Mistah F.A.B. was putting on a huge event in Oakland in October, but the details surrounding it remained somewhat of a mystery. Previously, it was announced that F.A.B. himself would be battling, and Arsonal would be battling Serius Jones. Today, F.A.B released the rest of the card, and it definitely lived up to the hype, with every battle being a potential main event.

The full card is:

  • Mistah F.A.B vs. Charlie Clips
  • T-Rex vs. Tsu Surf
  • Arsonal vs. Serius Jones
  • B Magic vs. Cortez
  • John John Da Don vs. Daylyt

The main event is likely to be the battle that both draws casual fans in, and polarizes the hardcore battle rap fan base. F.A.B.'s debut battle in this format vs. Arsonal was one that likely surpassed most expectations, but was generally only thought to be solid. Clips is undeniably a battle legend, but some of his recent performances haven't been as strongly perceived as his older battles. Another potenial negative is that this battle is only one round, unlimited time, a format which many don't like, and there is some chance that the clash isn't very well received.

Luckily, this is anything but a one battle card.

T-Rex vs. Tsu Surf is a battle which could headline any card. Surf is arguably one of the top names in battle rap at the moment, with his last battle being perhaps the most anticipated rematch in battle history (his teaming with Tay Roc against DNA and K-Shine). Outside of battle rap, he appears to be gaining a large following with his music, so every battle he takes now comes with the added importance of it may be one of the last he takes if his music career keeps advancing.

T-Rex could be, on paper, one of the best matchups for Surf. He's one of the few battle rappers who is able to match, and possibly exceed Surf's energy in the ring. Both guys' stature in the game will make it so the other will have to take their opponent seriously, and on their A games, both guys can be near unstoppable. This as well will be one round, so there is a chance fans will be underwhelmed.

The rest of the card is just as strong. Arsonal vs. Serius Jones pits two of the best in New Jersey against each other. Both were at different points the premier battler from their state, and now will face off to see who'll reign supreme. B Magic and Cortez are sometimes unfairly maligned by fans, but at their best, each are capable of amazing performances. And John John vs. Day is a rescheduling of the grudge match that was supposed to main event Bullpen's "Fade" event.

The flyer is below:

no mask flyer

The event goes down October 30 in Oakland, Calif.

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