PREVIEW: KOTD Preps For Another Edition Of "Battles At The Bunker"

KOTD returns to The Bunker for the biggest West Coast card of the year, featuring Dizaster, B. Magic, QP, Fresco, Bonnie Godiva and more.

When Avocado and J-Pro started throwing battles at The Bunker, the goal was to do smaller cards in an intimate small-room environment. Now heading into their third event, the smaller-card idea already seems to be a thing of the past. Without question, this event is the biggest one KOTD has done in the "by-battle-rap/for-battle-rap" space, with a double main event of B Magic vs. E. Ness and the rescheduled Dizaster vs. O'fficial.

The full card and trailer are below:

  • Dizaster vs. O'fficial
  • B Magic vs. E. Ness
  • QP vs. Fresco
  • Bonnie Godiva vs. Carter Deems
  • Rosenberg Raw vs. Reverse Live
  • Cyssero vs. Cali Smoov
  • Esem vs. Derez
  • Wird Of Pley vs. Urban The Element

Dizaster vs. O'fficial is a battle that wasn't originally set for this event. As pretty much anyone reading this would likely already knows, the battle was supposed to headline the cancelled Queen Of The Ring vs. West Coast event. A few days after the cancellation, KOTD added the battle to the card.

We've already broken down this battle in full in our 7 Upcoming Battles To Be Excited About article, and much of the same thoughts still apply. The only difference is now the battle will take place in an environment that Diz is more accustomed to.

In a match-up that pits two of the best pens in battle rap against each other, Fresco will take on QP. After his classic performance against The Saurus, Fresco has been one of the names most requested to appear again on the KOTD platform. The long-ish breaks he takes between battles have generally shown themselves to benefit him, since when he does battle, he seems inspired, and his performances reflect that motivation. Him going up against fellow Innuendo member QP is interesting, as he could be aiming to prove himself as the best in that group ... (sidenote: is there anyone else IN that group at this point?).

QP has been the polar opposite in terms of activity, keeping a full schedule that has seen him take on JC, Marv Won and The Saurus in the last few months. QP is a rarity in the battle world in that no matter how often he battles, it doesn't seem to adversely impact his performances. This battle will likely be a display of some of the best writing we'll see all year. It has a ton of potential for a classic, and is a pretty good bet to be battle of the night.

In what was once (and may still be) the main event, B Magic takes on E. Ness, who is making his KOTD debut. If you're a fan of actual rapping ability, this is the battle for you, as both have some of the best flows in battle rap. Despite the similarities, ultimately it's still sort of a style clash, as their content is significantly different. Magic is first and foremost known as a punchline rapper, hitting back to back punches all battle long. Ness is more of a conventional rapper who relies on his charisma and steamroller flow. He may not punch every bar, but when he does his lines almost always hit. Ness is a quintessential quality-over-quantity emcee.

Carter Deems vs. Bonnie Godiva should be refreshing because it's a clash where we're assured to not see the same tired angles. No matter what you think of Carter, his approach is guaranteed to be different than Bonnie's last KOTD battles with Charron and Realiztic.

Elsewhere on the card, the Philly invasion of the Bunker is in full force with Rosenberg Raw and Cyssero joining E. Ness as Philly battlers making their KOTD LA debuts at this event.

Avocado, Illmaculate and Fredo recorded a prediction video for the Bunker event that you can watch below. will have someone in the building giving updates from the event on Twitter and you can check out the pay per view at

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