Dizaster and M.B.D. Battled At Drake's Birthday Party

Dizaster and Mrs. Black Dyamond faced off in front of Drake and various other celebrities.

So as it turns out, O'fficial won't be the only female emcee that Dizaster battles this week. Last night at Drake's 30th birthday party, the West Coast legend faced off with Queen Of The Ring up-and-comer Mrs. Black Dyamond (M.B.D.).

KOTD's King Fly explained how the battle came about via a Facebook post, saying: "His team wanted him to have a battle for his bday party, so they hit Ganik up to set one up for them." The battle that was set up was supposed to be Dizaster vs. Head I.C.E, but got switched to M.B.D when: "something came up last minute and I.C.E couldn't make it and Ganik wasn't around so Diz found his own replacement," according to King Fly.

The battle wasn't recorded (outside of a few clips still currently available on French Montana's Snapchat), so it's unlikely we'll see the full footage, but still, it's another surreal example of the overlap of battle culture and the mainstream.

Dizaster posted the following picture with Taylor Swift from the party:


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