Lexx Luthor Is Relaunching iBattle

The Staten Island emcee is bringing back the temporarily defunct league.

Connecticut-based battle rap league iBattle, which produced some classics and launched the career of names such as E. Farrell, Bangz and Cityy Towers before calling it quits in 2016, will be returning to the battle rap scene. iBattle's last event was the "Allegiance 4" card on May 8, 2016. After that, league runner Logic shut down the league, and the YouTube channel hadn't uploaded anything in the past six months. That changed Wednesday (January 25), when the following 13-second video appeared.

While this video didn't explicitly state that iBattle was returning under new ownership, most of those who watched it put two and two together. BattleRap.com reached out to Lexx Luthor to discuss his role in iBattle and what the future holds for the league.

BattleRap.com: So first things first, what exactly will your role be in iBattle?

Lexx Luthor: We bought it from Fresco and Wird of Pley, we've actually been planning this for a bit.

Do you have any plans for it yet or still too early to say? Will it be based out of NY? Will it be the same roster? 

iBattle will be based out of New York from now on and CT will have their premier event "Takeover" every September with development cards throughout the year. Our roster will be the BeastMODE New York roster will be merged with the classic iBattle roster.

Why did you decide to buy a new league as opposed to continuing with BeastMODE NY?

I think BeastMODE was a great learning experience for me, but I was an employee for BeastMODE battles. I decided to resign and buy the league that molded my career to where I am now. I just want my guys to have the best possible platform to showcase their talents on. I just want my guys to pop. They trust me to help them accomplish their goals and they lay it all out in that ring, I gotta hold them down.

Are there any plans for when the first event under this new era will be?

The Crucible will be on February 18th & 19th in New York. #iBattleTV

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