20 Questions With Glueazy

Get to know the North Carolina native who's been rising the ranks in URL.

One of the more promising up and comers to grace the URL stage in the past year or so, North Carolina's Glueazy has been steadily rising the battle rap ranks, with impressive showings against Reepah Rell and Bedaffi Green. His match-up with follow rising star Nu Jerzy Twork at "Born Legacy 4" just dropped too. Get to know him a little better with another of our 20 Questions interviews.

Who are you?

Glueazy of BaRazors/AOG/BBBL/URL

How old are you?

I've legally been able to drink for 11 years....

Why do you live where you live?

I've been in NC since I was 5 yrs old. I love Carolina, you don't realize until you venture off into the world, how much you enjoy peaceful surroundings. I'm not going anywhere, this is my sanctuary lol

How long have you been battling/rapping?

I've been rapping & battling for 15 years, my first on camera battle wasnt until August 2014 here in Carolina

What made you start?

I got called out by another local artist, & it generated a good response from my city so we locked in & the rest is history. It also started our interest in forming Body Bag Battle League, which has since become the #1 battle league in the south & a great platform for battle rap in general. Shouts to Billz, Shiest, Bumpy, Hitz & Jorilla. We've since formed leagues in Georgia, Tennessee & now the DMV with AVE from Norfolk, VA

How did you get your battle rap name?

My friends started calling me Glue in high school (because I'm white?) Who knows! Since then it's evolved from Gluey to Glueazy. Now I'm stuck with it (pun intended)

glueazy pic 2
How would you describe your style in three words?

Raw, Aggressive, & Direct

What makes you different from other battle rappers?

I wouldn't say I'm different, I'd just say I'm better. I'm also ready to prove that statement...

What’s your best battle? (and why?)

Me vs Reepah Rell, because I understood the importance of a good performance & I feel like I owned that building that night. The NY small room vibe is the best. I feed off the crowd & that night they were on my side...

What was your worst? (and why?)

Any one rounder, I battled Zig Zag, Billie Dutchess & Riggz in one rounders. After that I decided I hated one round battles. You can't really get the battle feel from one rounders. If you go first and your opponent is better, you lost. There's No coming back for redemption lol I went first in all if those battles mentioned, not saying I lost but.....you know what I'm saying lol

What did you learn from them?

How to be battle rapper, I'm confident these days. There's was a point where I was afraid of a loss. Now I understand that it's always preference. Either that or everybody is a liar lol As long as you perform & do what you're supposed to do, you're good.

What’s surprised you the most since you started battling?

The pettiness lol this is a kill or be killed sport. That's from the fans to the battlers. I feel like this isn't a place for the fragile & weak hearted. One day everybody loves you, the next they are trying to ruin you. That's why I keep my thoughts to myself. I don't respond to negativity & I don't cause problems. Just leave me alone haha

What’s your favorite battle of all time?

Probably Mook vs Jae Millz, that was one of my first introductions to battle rap. I remember seeing that footage and being captivated by the personals & seeing the crowd response. I never knew that it was possible to generate a crowd for battle rap, especially outside, in New York

Who’s in your current Top 5?

Currently, I'd say Rum Nitty, Pat Stay, Daylyt, Ave & Dizaster. It changes all the time. I like what I like...

Which battle rapper annoys you? (and why?)

Nobody annoys me by them battling, but the WWE shit get annoying. The rappers who meet you and are Cool. Then get online and act like they're not fans. Gwitty would be a good example.....I'd smoke his boots, btw...

Who would you battle if you could choose anyone?

Right now, it would be Rum Nitty or Danny Myers. I feel like they're Real battlers. They take their craft serious, and so do I. If I could pass those tests, id be ready for whoever you put in front of me...

What’s the biggest problem in battle rap?

Money obviously, the vets got comfortable, and created a lack of hunger. If the plate is guaranteed, why would you try your best?

p.s. Why pay Hitman 30k? I'll do 15 battles for that. Somebody tell Smack...

How would you fix it?

I feel like if there wasn't guaranteed money, the rappers would go harder. That would make for better footage and cause the rappers to bring their best. If anything pay nobody but offer a check to the winner.

What do you do when you’re not battling?

I'm a father first, my son gets all my free time. Other than that, I work and try to survive like everyone else.

How do you want to be remembered?

As one of the best to do it. I don't need to be #1 but I want to be one of your favorites. At any moment I could go from the most loved to the most hated. As long as I'm relevant and looked at as a threat, I'm comfortable with wherever you place me. Just know, if they say another rapper is better than me. I'm ready to prove that he/she is nothing in comparison...