Bullpen & QOTR Announce Joint Event "The Chival War"

Later today (April 22) Bullpen and QOTR will be facing off to see whose emcees reign supreme.

On April 22, a battle rap Battle of the Sexes will be going down as emcees from Atlanta based Bullpen Battle league, take on rappers from the premier platform for female battles, Queen of the Ring.

The flyer with full lineup is below:

chival war 2

As most reading this know, this is not the first time that QOTR has attempted to collaborate with another entity, with the ill-fated QOTR vs. West Coast card last October. This time around though, they're dealing with far more of a known commodity, as Bullpen has established itself as one of the more solid and reliable leagues in the culture. This is good news for fans of these intergender battles, as this time around, it is expected that everything will go smoothly.

JayBlac, and the PG Bloggers recently broke down the entire card on Bullpen's YouTube channel, which you can check out below.

If you want to watch and aren't in the Atlanta area, you can purchase the PPV here.

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