Dizaster Announced As Final Blackout 7 Participant

Diz becomes the final battler announced for the 2 day card.

Only 4 days away from what is generally thought to be their biggest battle event of the year, King of the Dot announced the addition of Dizaster to the card. The addition is strange, as it means that Blackout will now have an odd number of battlers. Since the video claimed that this would be the final announcement, Diz's opponent likely won't be anyone who isn't already on the card. This seems to indicate either that Diz will be replacing somebody, or that one of the announced battlers will be pulling double duty.

Update: Earlier we speculated that since Dizaster was the final announcement, that his opponent would likely be on the card already. Since that point, KOTD's Troy "Kingfly" Daniels indicated that Diz's opponent is not anyone who has been announced:

diz announcement

Check out the announcement below:

If you want to see who else will be battling at Blackout, check out our announcements article here.

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