KOTD's Massacre 3 Goes Down July 22

The biggest KOTD event of the year goes down in Worcester, Mass.

Today (July 22) KOTD will be putting on what has to be their biggest event of the year so far. The previous two iterations of the Massacre series have been two of KOTD's strongest events in history, and this lineup looks like it could possibly surpass the previous two.

Headlining the card we have the long awaited Pat Stay and Bigg K battle, but it's far from a 1 battle card. Arsonal's last KOTD clash, the KOTD debut of Mickey Factz and a event full of top tier battlers have this as one of the most exciting events in some time.

The trailer and full lineup for Day 1 are below. (You can check out the day 2 lineup here)

  • Bigg K vs. Pat Stay
  • Iron Solomon vs. Arsonal
  • Daylyt vs. Mickey Factz
  • Illmaculate vs. Chilla Jones
  • DNA vs. Jimz
  • Charron vs. Aye Verb
  • Shotti P vs. Shotgun Suge
  • Charlie Clips vs. The Saurus

Bigg K vs. Pat Stay is a matchup that has been requested constantly over the past several years, and at Massacre 3, it’s finally going to take place. Pat has been the top battle rapper in Canada for many years now, and has battled a virtual who’s who of battle rap. He’s established himself as one of the top names in the culture, and has arguably been KOTD’s MVP throughout their history. At Mass 3 he’ll be looking to add to that resume, taking on one of his toughest tests in Bigg K.

K's last appearance on KOTD was a somewhat underwhelming battle against Cortez at Battles at the Bunker, but that may serve to make him even more dangerous. Ever since making his KOTD debut, Bigg K has been nearly unstoppable on that platform, running through nearly everyone put in front of him. After what many feel was his first clear loss on KOTD, I expect K to have a bounce back performance and remind everyone why it is that he was so unstoppable in the first place.

K is probably already up 1-0 in the battle after releasing one of the funniest blogs in battle history. Check it out below.

Arsonal’s last battle on the King of the Dot platform will come against Iron Solomon. After announcing his upcoming retirement last year, Arsonal has found new life in his battle career, having a string of strong performances over the past year plus. With only two battles remaining, look for Arsonal to finish strong and try to close his career with wins against Solomon and Loaded Lux. A win here would give him incredible momentum going into the Lux clash, and if he could end his career with these two wins, it will go a long way towards cementing his legacy as perhaps the best ever.

Iron, of course, will be no pushover for Ars. Ever since he returned at World Domination 6, Iron has had strong battle after strong battle, and has shown himself to be a formidable opponent for anybody that he faces. Unlike Arsonal, Iron has no other battles on the horizon, so he can give this clash his full attention.

Perhaps the hardest to predict on the card is Daylyt vs. Mickey Factz. Daylyt is battle rap’s ultimate wildcard. When he comes fully prepared with bars he’s one of the most dangerous emcees in the culture. When he comes with antics he becomes one of the most controversial and newsworthy. We’ve seen him take socially conscious approaches to battles where it seems almost as though he’s delivering a lecture, as opposed to breaking down his opponent. The only thing predictable about Day is his unpredictability.

For Factz, it’s his first battle in _ years, and only his third overall. For him, there’s not much to go off of, but he is a respected writer who has closely followed the battle scene for years, so there is reason to be optimistic.

Rounding out the card we see a highly motivated Jimz taking on one of the most popular battlers in the game, DNA, Charron taking on Aye Verb in a match that was supposed to go down at Blackout 7, The Saurus takes on Charlie Clips in a clash of two of the best freestylers in battling and Shotgun Suge returning to the KOTD stage to face Shotti P.

The event goes down July 22 in Worcester, Mass and will have a live pay-per-view. If you wish to purchase the PPV log on to http://www.kotdtv.com