What To Expect From World Domination 7 (Los Angeles)

Full preview for the Los Angeles portion of KOTD's "World Domination 7."

This Sunday (October 15) King of the Dot will be presenting the Los Angeles portion of their annual World Domination event. For the first time, World Domination is being held outside of Toronto, and LA is looking to make an impression straight out of the gate, with what could end up being one of the best events of the year. Grudge matches, long awaited dream battles and a huge debut highlight this card, which is one of the deepest in KOTD's history.

The full card and trailer are below:

  • Dizaster vs. Oxxxymiron
  • Illmaculate vs. Iron Solomon
  • Bigg K vs. Pass
  • B Dot vs. Aye Verb
  • A Ward vs. P-Nut
  • Megadef vs. Topr
  • Eddy I vs. Saynt

The main event of World Domination 7 LA has perhaps the biggest name in the history of West Coast battle rap, Dizaster, taking on perhaps the biggest name in all of battle rap, Russian megastar, Oxxxymiron.

To those unfamiliar with Oxxxy, he's the most popular battler in what has become the most popular battle scene in the world, Russia. He first came into battle rap consciousness in North America when his 2015 battle against Johnyboy reached 1 million views in a day. Proving to not be a one battle wonder, Oxxxy's most recent clash has amassed 23 million views in the month or so that it has been out.

While this will be Oxxxymiron's first battle in English, he shared with us in a 2015 interview that he is fluent in the language, and has graduated from Oxford with an English literature degree.

If you say you know what to expect from Dizaster vs. Oxxxymiron, you’re lying. Oxxxy is the biggest battler in the world, but it has to be taken into consideration that this is his first battle in English. Dizaster is an undeniable battle rap legend who steps it up for his biggest battles, but he’s battling Tay Roc on URL less than a month after World Domination. Every single possibility is on the table, and with how predictable battle rap has gotten, there’s something really refreshing about that. No matter what happens, it’ll be really interesting to see, and it’s fairly likely this ends up being KOTD’s most viewed battle, so that's noteworthy.

Illmaculate and Iron Solomon is a matchup that hardcore battle fans and casuals alike have been clamouring for for quite some time. Both have long histories in the culture, finding success in both the freestyle era, and in the current era.

Since he returned against Daylyt at World Domination 5, Iron has had a string of strong performances against an absolute murderer’s row of opponents, having at the very least debatable battles with some of the top names in the game. Despite this, the reactions to his last couple battles have been a bit more lukewarm than he’s used to, and at World Domination 7 he’ll seek to remind the battle world why it is that he’s considered a legend in the game.

For Illmaculate, this battle represents a chance to further cement his legacy in battle rap with a convincing win against a fellow legend. If there’s one criticism of Illmac, it’s that in many of his biggest battles, he doesn’t perform quite to the level that we’ve come to expect from him. Battles against Hollow Da Don, Conceited and Arsonal, specifically, were disappointing for fans of Illmac and if he can take the win on October 15, he’ll do more to push any disappointments further into the rearview.

If both emcees come as they’re capable of, we will see an undeniable classic and a potential late entrant on many Battle of the Year lists.

Another battle with quite an extensive build is B Dot vs. Aye Verb. Verb, since his battle career started his been one of the most important emcees to step into the ring, forging a legacy which is almost incomparable, having more signature moments than almost all of his contemporaries. At WD7 he will find himself in a somewhat new position, he’ll be a significant underdog.

With so many doubting him, Verb has a lot to prove here. He needs to show that he is still that guy who can turn in absolutely unbeatable performances and compete with the hungriest up-and-comers who are trying to replace him. To do that, Aye Verb will have to be the Verb of years past. With such talented up-and-comers aiming to take his spot, Verb will seek not just to show that he still belongs, but that he's still capable of being the guy that gave us some of the best moments in battle history.

With B Dot, we can expect what we always see. Dope rapping, impressive delivery, and a really well-executed angle. Verb is a step up in competition from many of B Dot's previous opponents, but everything in his past suggests that he's more than capable of stepping up. As Verb indicated, many are picking him to take the battle comfortably, so there may be some added pressure that comes with the expectations, but I wouldn't expect to see that adversely impact his performance.

Elsewhere on the card, two of the top young battlers in the game square off as Eddy I takes on Saynt, Megadef takes on one of the true West Coast OG's Topr - one of the best on the planet, Bigg K takes on one of the West's top rappers, Pass and two of KOTD's rising stars go head to head as PNut battles A Ward.

The event is completely sold out, but as always, KOTD will be doing a live pay per view, available at kotdtv.com.