Daylyt vs. Iron Solomon: Post-Battle Breakdown

Who won the "World Domination 5" main event?

All eyes were on Iron Solomon as he made his return to battle rap at KOTD's "World Domination 5." Would he shine like in his early showings? Or sink like he did against Murda Mook at "Summer Madness 2"? KOTD crowds tend to be far more tolerant than URL's, so he may have felt confident for his return, but he still set the difficulty level to "expert" by requesting the ever-unpredictable Daylyt as his opponent. This was a huge test for Solomon and a vital stop on Day’s road to legendary status. Let's get right into it!

Solomon kicks off the first round addressing his comeback against Murda Mook being “ruined by the crowd” and ties it down with Daylyt’s “you win some and you lose some” slogan, then lands with “you heard of King Solomon’s wives, I'm used to having mad boo’s.” The crowd erupts with a welcome back type of roar and Solomon looked a tad more comfortable going into the rest of his material. He threw some freestyle in the mix, spitting about eight bars about Daylyt's mirror outfit.

Photo by Zach Macphoto for KOTD.

Then came some well-received name flips, followed by some four-bar setup punches that sounded like they might have been collecting dust in Solomon's rhyme book for a while now. Clearly going WAY over the time limit, even Daylyt (who agreed to let Solomon go over the agreed-upon two minute limit) thought it was time to wrap up giving Organik the time signal pointing down at his watch.

First round on Daylyt. He starts with an easy pace, spitting a Michael Jackson "Man In The Mirror” scheme about his outfit: “As soon as the mic/Mike is handed to me the plan is to be the man in the mirror, I'm only here to make a change” and lands it with a slick change/currency punch.

After that, all hell breaks loose. The fast-paced, back-to-back punching “blue pill” Daylyt makes a rare first-round appearance. All Day was missing was his ski mask as he spat haymakers like, “Think I lost my grip in that title shot prior, I showed up as a slave with wrinkled clothes and nine months later I got Iron!” and of course blue-pill bars aren’t complete without a nostalgia-inducing punch: “What I did for this match I'm talking train for the kid, mentally I am Thomas!” Mmmmmmmmmmm.

“One arm then Iron in the sky, I'm Magneto” was the first of MANY name flips that followed. Daylyt wasn’t wasting one bar. Filler had no home in this first round. Although Solomon’s round was more than good, it just didn't size up to Daylyt's. It's almost as if Day knew Solomon’s first had to be overshadowed no matter what. Daylyt takes the first round.

“We have a battle!” – Random fan in the crowd.

Second round Solomon comes out shooting. Dot Mob (or “Thot Mob” as he called them) was his target for gay jokes and shots at the new members: “The Mob went from a handful of heavy hitters, to randoms and second stringers.” Then things get weird. Solomon begins to rhyme as if he wrote his bars to a beat. For some reason this actually went over well in the building but I have to say it was quite upsetting to watch from home. Solomon ended the moment with “Under Dot Mob’s wing you’re a bird without a beak” as Daylyt snapped his fingers to the invisible beat.

Photo by Zach Macphoto for KOTD.

We're put through a second outdated defeat/the feet bar from Solomon before he redeems himself by borrowing Day’s “keep-it-going?” style from his first round against Charlie Clips. The jack move inspired some decent punches. “Now she's on her knees five times a day, that’s Salaam-Alaikum!” was the strongest out of the bunch.

Daylyt sets off his second round with more multis jampacked with back-to-back haymakers. Apparently the blue pill has yet to wear off. “My second round is my ground game, I ain't even get to the floor yet/ They thought they can split the GOAT and realized I'm the wrong nigga to GO AT!” and "Too much day light (Daylyt) in yo face white boy, sun blockin’ wont protect you!” There's more but then I'd just be quoting the whole round. In classic Daylyt fashion he kept it going until his two minutes were up.

Photo by Zach Macphoto for KOTD.

Although Solomon had a good moment by attempting to show that anything Day can do he can do better, he had too many dry spots compared with Daylyt's action-packed second. Daylyt is up so far 2-0, edging the first and clearly taking the second.

Solomon kicked off his third with one of the best punches in the battle: “One three nine & Lenox ain't his home but you still got a Big L from that Danger Zone (/Danja Zone)” SHEESH! I'm a huge Big L fan but I think any true golden era hip-hop head can highly appreciate that one.

Iron is off to a solid start punching just about every two bars. "I'm like you having tattoo regrets/ Yo get this mark off my face!” and “Whose dick he suckin? He gotta be swallowing cause he ain't spittin nothing!” were some of the more notable ones. Call me petty for pointing this out but for a third of this round Iron was spitting a shit load of pauseworthy shit. He got a good laugh from the crowd but I can't help but to think how this would have gone over with a more critical crowd. Fuck it! I’ll say it! A URL crowd! Now I see why he chose KOTD.

Ok back to the battle. Iron slows up the pace at an attempt to break down Daylyt’s character as a man and battle rapper. “He so lost he gotta ask Calicoe for directions!” Time was again an issue for Iron in the third, and he took advantage of Daylyt greenlighting him going over the limit.

Daylyt starts his third by stating that he'll be sacrificing some of his round to address “his people.” His people turned out to be black people as he spat a slew of controversial bars like “Martin Luther King had a dream till one of your people left his dream blown.” Day then got into how bad he had it growing up and how good Iron had it. I can’t tell you what was running through Solomon's head at this point but a "Summer Madness 2" déjà vu ran through mine. I hoped a race bash wasn’t what Day had in his bag for the third, and thankfully my prayers were answered. It was back to the bars! From “You was completely assed out from the get-go, but you knew this (/nudist)” to “Niggas this scary gotta get booked, this is Goosebumps!” and another epic vintage pop culture reference “One through ya roof woo woo, who let the dogs out?!” That one blew the roof off the place. He wasn't done there though. Daylyt finishes by hitting Solomon with a hilarious “WHAT ARE THOOSEE?!?!” to end his round. (See the shoes he was wearing here.)

Photo by Dan Gibs for KOTD.

There you have it: Daylyt 3-0. No body, but a clear victory for the Watts emcee over the legendary Iron Solomon.

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