Brizz Rawsteen & T-Top vs. Chilla Jones & B Magic: What To Expect

A preview of the 2-on-2 battle going down at URL's "Double Impact" on March 26 in New York.

"Double Impact" is only hours away, and on March 26, URL will launch the event that features 10 teams made of league favorites, returning vets and rising stars. One match-up that should be highly entertaining is the clash between Writers Bloque members Chilla Jones and B Magic, and the Carolina generals Brizz Rawsteen and T-Top.

This match-up could go either way, so let's look at some reasons it has battle of the night potential, as well as why fans might want to keep their expectations in check.

From the gate we know that B Magic and Chilla have two of the best pens in battle rap, so them working together should make for some incredible punches and schemes. Expect their rounds to start off very strong with a mix of each of them finishing lines equally. Both emcees are generally slept on in regards to their comedic ability so that may play a huge role in their content. Seeing as though this is a team battle don’t expect Chilla’s level of complexity nor Magic’s near perfect flow pattern to dominate the round. Haymakers should almost come easily for this team and if they perfect their approach this battle could be ugly for their opponents.

URL sophomores Brizz and Top both have a certain level of poise that sets them apart from the rest of their class. When they rap they command the crowd's attention and that, paired with their real-life friendship and chemistry, could be amazing. After Brizz’s performance against DNA and Top’s showing versus T-Rex, expect this team to possibly be crowd favorites in this battle. Neither of them have fast starts to their rounds, tending to heat up gradually as they deliver content. Expect a witty and angle-driven performance mixed with them simply clowning their opponents early on. Their strength in this instance is their aggression and stage presence, which could give them an edge if the battle is close.

Brizz Rawsteen vs. DNA.

But there are cons. Neither team has ever done a 2-on-2, so how they actually perform together is up in the air. Chilla just battled Cortez three weeks ago at "Born Legacy 2" and his writing/preparation may suffer from two battles back-to-back. Plus B Magic hasn’t had a clean showing in a while. After his slips against Brixx and Money Bagz and his talk of impending retirement, his motivation is in question. That said, this is his return to the URL main stage, so it would be the perfect time to turn up to silence the critics.

All in all, these are four guys who typically bring it on the URL stage and who will be looking for a decisive win in front of what should be the biggest URL crowd since "Summer Madness 5."

Check out Brizz talking about the match-up at BL2.

"Double Impact" goes down March 26 at Irving Plaza in New York City. Get your tickets here.

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