What To Expect At RBE's "Blood, Sweat & Tiers 4"

The July 9 event features Bigg K vs. Showoff, Daylyt vs. J Murda, Serius Jones vs. Jimz and more.

Rare Breed Entertainment has long been one of the most underrated leagues in the game, putting out quality content for several years now. On July 9, they will put on the fourth installment of their Blood, Sweat & Tiers event at Club Drom in Manhattan, New York. This has been an event series that has produced some great battles, most notably the classic Daylyt vs. Ooops from BST2. This event is no different in terms of scale, with five battles that bring a range of styles and that each have high potential to be entertaining clashes.

The full card is:

  • Bigg K vs. Showoff
  • J Murda vs. Daylyt
  • O'fficial vs. QB Black Diamond
  • Jimz vs. Serius Jones
  • JC vs. Mr. Mill$

The main event of the card has Bigg K going up against RBE veteran Showoff. Showoff’s stock has been steadily rising in the battle scene, and at BST3 took what many people saw as a victory against battle legend Arsonal. He's looking to ride that momentum into this match-up with Bigg K.

Bigg K’s resume is simply one of the strongest in the entire culture. For the past several years he has faced off with a who’s who of battle rap, every one of which was either a clear win or debatable. Taking on an incredibly hungry opponent like Showoff, K could be getting one of his toughest challenges in some time. Add to that Bigg K's battle against Cortez only a few short weeks after this at KOTD's The Bunker, and the task gets even tougher.

Bigg K

To those who feel that battles these days have nothing on the line, BattleRap.com editorialist Jackson Yates seeks to change that for this match-up. He tweeted that if Showoff decisively beats Bigg K he would shave his head, a challenge that Showoff accepted.

Elsewhere on the card, J Murda seeks to continue his ascent in battle rap with a battle against Daylyt. At RBE’s “Starting 5” J Murda lost an incredibly close battle to JC, but his performance was so strong, that even in losing, he elevated his stock. Having such a close match with someone of JC’s caliber proves that he’s ready for some of the true top tier vets of the game. And at BST4, that’s exactly what he’s getting.

Daylyt’s standing in the battle culture is beyond questioning, producing countless classics (including one of RBE’s Top 5 of 2015, with Ooops). Day, as always is unpredictable, and there’s no way of knowing which Daylyt will show up. According to his social feeds, he and his family were in a serious car accident this week. It appears that they are on the mend now but his wife was injured and was in a neck brace.
BattleRap.com spoke to ARP on Friday, who said he still expects Daylyt to make the event.

Daylyt vs. Ooops

With the recent accident, as well as the heightened tensions in America after the killings of two black men by police this week and the killings of five police officers at a Black Lives Matter in Dallas on Thursday, we may see Daylyt deliver another strong political message.

O’fficial and QB Black Diamond have impressed and performed well on most platforms they’ve been on, and now the two veterans prepare to face off on the RBE stage. O'fficial is seen by many as the top female in the game right now, though the comparatively less active QB has always been considered one of the best, so the outcome of this match-up means a lot for both of them.

O'fficial vs. Jaz The Rapper.
O'fficial vs. Jaz The Rapper.

While it's an away game for New Orleans' O'fficial, NYC is still home to some of her best performances. O'fficial's last battle in New York was her "Summer Madness 5" clash with Ms. Hustle, which didn't go how she wanted it to, so there is the opportunity for her here to somewhat erase that battle with a strong showing here.

One of the things that makes a battle most interesting is the feeling that there is some level of genuine animosity coming into it. Jimz vs. Serius Jones is one such example, as the two have been going back and forth for some time now. This came to a head during an argument on Angryfan Radio.

Many in the culture feel that this is a step down for Jones, so expect Jimz to come with a strong effort, to show those doubters that he deserves a high-profile opponent. As for Serius, any time a guy is perceived as stepping down, the pressure is on him to show that he's a level above.

Serius Jones. Photo by Zach Macphoto for KOTD.

Mr. Mill$ has been putting in work lately, and has earned this look against a big name. Mill$ has arguably put in his best performances on the RBE stage, most notably with a split decision win over Big Kannon last July which was named one of our Top 5 RBE Battles of 2015.

Mr. Mill$ vs. Big Kannon.
Mr. Mill$ vs. Big Kannon.

As for JC, he’ll be looking to take home a more decisive victory than his last RBE clash with J Murda. JC is one of the best writers in the game, and is no slouch when it comes to pure rapping ability as well. At his best, JC can be absolutely unbeatable, but at times that isn't the JC we see. Still, every performance of his is worth watching because you know with every battle there is the chance of seeing something truly special.

The battles will be available for on-demand viewing the week after the event. Order them here.

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