Tsu Surf & Tay Roc vs. DNA & K-Shine 2: What To Expect

Our preview of the headline rematch going down at URL's "Unfinished Business 2."

What’s Unfinished Business without a lot of procrastination first?

For a while, it seemed as if this battle might never be completed. With the original match-up getting stopped short when things went left, then the rescheduled match-up getting postponed over venue issues, the business was left unfinished time and time again. But URL wasn't going to let these obstacles stop them, and it's set to go down again on July 9.

I have no choice but to start this off by apologizing for ever questioning the chemistry of Gun Titles. Tsu Surf and Tay Roc managed to outclass the more experienced NWX team in every aspect. The duo was so impressive that they racked up more than 1.5 million views on a two-round battle while somehow catching a 2-0 body to most fans. I say that to say, Roc and Surf are definitely NOT the underdogs by any definition of the word this go-around.

Tsu Surf & Tay Toc

Gun Titles' last performance can be seen as a gift and a curse. In one showing, they have catapulted themselves from new contenders to the absolute team to beat. The anticipation will be there once again at UB2 but this time, Roc and Surf have their work cut out for them. How do you outdo what many see as the best performance this year?

Keep in mind there were only two rounds the first time, so we have no idea how the last round was going to pan out. Neither Surf nor Roc is particularly known to close out a battle on a higher level than they started, outside of Surf’s famous third against Hitman Holla. With the fans' expectations so high, the duo will have to match or surpass their original performance and possibly finish strong. Anything less will leave a Shumpert-to-Beasley sized scar on their perfect record.

Enough about Gun Titles though — NWX has a lot to prove in this rematch. Outside of the recent KOTD showing by DNA vs. Dizaster, many would believe the NWX team has been quiet since the 2-on-2. But search YouTube and you’ll find they have still been on their battle tour with matches against lesser-known names on smaller leagues. Let's hope they've been working on a game plan since the first battle and haven't stretched themselves thin in the meantime. Both are used to a rigorous schedule, but considering a doubles battle takes a lot of prep, they’ve hopefully taken whatever steps necessary to be ready for opponents of this caliber.

DNA & K-Shine

It can be argued that NWX may have just underestimated Gun Titles the first time. In the same breath, the teamwork from Gun Titles that night felt like it wouldn’t have been matched by any of the past efforts from DNA and Shine. Still, being able to see firsthand now what they are up against should give them a better chance. They might need to take a page out of Pat Stay’s book about how to get arguably 3-0’ed in a shortened battle before redeeming yourself in the rematch.

Unfortunately, the one correct prediction I made in my last preview was that a fight would break out from all the back and forth leading up to the event. For URL, the goal with this go-around is to manage a clean battle with no violent outbursts. There is too much to lose if the match goes left and certainly all parties understand that. My prediction for this one is all the tension will be left on the stage.

Can Gun Titles take the battle world by storm a second time? Will lightning strike in the same place twice? Or will NWX end Gun Titles' one-battle reign and be hailed the 2-on-2 kings once again?

Personally, I'm going with Gun Titles for the two-peat, but whatever happens, business will be finished this weekend.

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