Charlie Clips vs. Iron Solomon: What To Expect

Two New York legends put their reputations on the line at KOTD's "World Domination 6."

Most fans seem to agree that Charlie Clips' last truly strong showing on KOTD was against Daylyt all the way back in 2014. Ironically, since that battle Charlie Clips' career has taken somewhat of a mirroring trajectory to Daylyt's, in the sense that fans never truly know what to expect out of Clips and are continually disappointed by performances that don't even come remotely close to reflecting Clips' immense talent. For fans, is preparing one round and freestyling the other two any different from an antic?

Clips, to his credit, is a strong freestyler, but his status as a contender for the title of G.O.A.T. means that his particular level of competition demands much more effort than entirely freestyled rounds can provide, however good at it he might be. The frustrating thing for most fans is that at any moment Clips can provide audiences with an incredibly fire round, as evidenced by his third against against Hollow Da Don, his first against Loaded Lux and his third against Shotgun Suge. The problem is that these rounds are often surrounded by two lackluster rounds (by his standards) that make all of his battles debatable, or in the case of his most recent performance against Rum Nitty at URL's "Unfinished Business 2," clear losses.

At Day 1 of KOTD's upcoming mega-event "World Domination 6" on August 26, Clips will be facing off against a fellow New York battle legend, who over the past year has become a model of consistency, Iron Solomon. Normally, when a consistent force faces an inconsistent one, it can be easy to predict that the consistent force will come out victorious, however, in this case there are two giant asterisks.

Charlie Clips vs. Daylyt

The first asterisk being that Clips' fan base, which is both large and loyal, is becoming increasingly vocal about their disappointment in his recent performances. The respect remains because Clips will always be regarded as one of the greats, but I believe he is finally feeling the pressure from fans to once again deliver three solid rounds that they can hold on to.

The second asterisk is that since his comeback Solomon's opponents have been undoubtedly dangerous, but they all shared one similar trait that aided Iron in his return to prominence: They respected the hell out of him.

Daylyt delivered a signature performance out of respect to Iron, Dizaster heaped large amounts of praise upon Solomon before and after their battle, and B Magic focused on his preparation and his own unique punching style in order to somewhat revitalize his own career against Iron. None of the aforementioned battlers approached the subject of Murda Mook and what happened to Solomon on URL. Charlie Clips, a Harlem native, will likely be the first.

Iron Solomon vs. B Magic

This is not to say Clips doesn't respect Solomon, I'm sure he does, but there is no evidence that he reveres Solomon in the way his previous opponents have, which should allow Clips to be aggressive in ways that his past opponents could not. Clips matches up well with Solomon on most levels, they can both rebuttal, freestyle, formulate angles and both have great stage presence.

We know what to expect from Iron, a masterfully varied performance that will undoubtedly weave together angles centered around Clips' inconsistencies and lack of hunger. As fans, we don't exactly know what to expect from Clips, who should be assuming an underdog role that he is not entirely used to. For that reason I will be expecting the unexpected, Charlie Clips 2-1.

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