"Back To Basics" went down on April 18, 2015 and was KOTD's first official Fresh Coast event since June 2014's "Battle Of L.A. 5." It featured a mix of up-and-comers, slept-on veterans and a few high profile match-ups including Rone vs. The Saurus and John John Da Don vs. Kid Twist. Fans were also treated to a surprise battle between Illmaculate and Carter Deems.

Essential Articles


Madflex vs. Megadef

Madflex gets his first shot on KOTD's main channel after steady grinding in GZ Battles.

Fredo vs. Anygma

West Coast vet Fredo takes on Fliptop boss Anygma at KOTD's "Back To Basics."

The Saurus vs. Rone

The full lyrics to the exceptional main event from KOTD's "Back To Basics."

Pnut vs. Xcel

Pnut (formerly Ayem) puts on a monster performance at KOTD's "Back To Basics."

RemyD vs. Psycoses

Breakout performance for slept-on West Coast emcee Psycoses against a returning RemyD.