KOTD's Drake-sponsored mega-event in February 2015 was the biggest and best card the league has brought to Toronto so far. In the main event, Pat Stay defended the KOTD title against challenger Charron, in a hard-fought battle that ended with controversy when Charron's third-round stunt wasn't allowed to happen.

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Osa vs. Soul

Hope you like Soul, since this is his third battle to be released in the last few weeks, and he's still got his DF title match on the way.

Illmaculate vs. DNA

The battle people were calling the biggest bodybag of KOTD's "Blackout 5."

Rone vs. Big T

The perfect battle to watch if you're looking for high-concept fat jokes and fancy dance moves.

Quest MCODY vs. Tycoon Tax

Tycoon Tax puts on in front of his hometown crowd against a Detroit veteran at KOTD's "Blackout 5."

100 Bulletz vs. Chilla Jones

Don't let the wordplay and complex schemes from this battle go over your head.