Bangz vs. Xcel

Bangz and Xcel square off in the second 5 rounder in iBattle's history.

Getcha vs. Lotta Zay

The often underrated Lotta Zay takes on Florida's Getcha in iBattle's first Orlando event.

Megadef vs. Jak Tripper

Megadef and Jak Tripper face off in a matchup of two of the most aggressive deliveries in battle rap.

The Top Rap Battles From May

Our picks for best battles of May, featuring battles from URL, KOTD, Don't Flop, iBattle, WeGoHard and RBE.

JeFFrey vs. Goodz

Two of the most charismatic in battle rap face off in a one-rounder in the main event of iBattle's "T4keover."