Dubbed “Return of the Legends” Summer Madness 2 is regarded by many as URL’s most iconic event. At the show, Murda Mook, Iron Solomon, E. Ness, Serius Jones and Loaded Lux all made their returns to battle rap after long hiatuses. Though many of the battles don’t hold up especially well, nobody could deny the legendary impact of the event, which was held in from of a huge crowd at Webster Hall. Loaded Lux’s return was the talk of the battle world, Iron Solomon’s return knocked him out of battle rap for years, and Hitman Holla vs. John John Da Don was an undeniable classic. The best battle of the weekend though took place the day before, as Chilla Jones and JC put on what has to be on the shortlist of best battles in history.

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JC vs. Chilla Jones

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Calicoe vs. Loaded Lux

THROWBACK CLASSIC! A look back at one of the most important battles of all time.