Charlie Clips vs. Rad B

New Jersey up-and-comer Rad B takes on Harlem legend Charlie Clips at U Dubb's "Alpha n Omega."

K-Shine vs. O-Red

Two of the best ever from their cities face off at "Alpha n Omega."

The Top 10 Rap Battles From August

Our picks for the 10 best battles of August, featuring battles from URL, U Dubb KOTD, Counter Productive, No Coast & Do or Die.

Loaded Lux vs. Arsonal

In his last battle, Arsonal takes on fellow battle legend and man who brought him into the culture, Loaded Lux.

Rad B vs. T-Rex

After this battle wasn't able to go down at "High Stakes 2", T-Rex and Rad B faced off in the main event of "Revenge."

Chilla Jones vs. Arsonal

Chilla Jones makes his U Dubb debut against one of the biggest names in battle rap, Arsonal.

Tay Roc vs. Charron

The self-proclaimed "Smack Killer" aims to take down one of the names most synonymous with the URL brand.