Daylyt, Rone & Eurgh Speak On Don't Flop Philly Mishap

Rone and Eurgh react to Daylyt's early departure and the Watts rapper explains his side of the story.

Daylyt's early exit against Rone at Don't Flop Philly left the room and battle rap community at large looking for answers. Rone quickly rebounded by delivering his rounds after Day left the building, but plenty of fans rightfully felt robbed of a legit battle.

Now a couple days removed from the event, Rone, Daylyt, and Don't Flop co-founder Eurgh have all spoken about the incident. Check out their explanations below.

Rone: Daylyt's "Liable To Do Anything"

One victim of Daylyt's early departure was his opponent Rone who was left to deliver his rounds without an opponent until Tech-9 stepped in to be Daylyt's proxy.

Speaking with after the event, Rone said, "I feel like I wasted energy leading up to this, thinking about it, considering what he would do and shit like that ... He's liable to do anything 'cause he's a psycho."

Asked if he was prepared for Daylyt's stunt, Rone said he knew Day was faking out fans with pre-battle commentary.

"I know he likes me as a person so I figured he's not gonna [punch me or something like that]," Rone said. "Who knows? I was sure he was just putting misinformation out there, just trying to fuck with people's minds. Everything he said was inaccurate, whether he was gonna antic [or not]."

Speaking about his own experience getting held up by customs in London, Rone offered that Daylyt's complaints were just an excuse to back out of the battle.

"You know what? When I flew in to London I got fucking locked up in jail too," he said. "This isn't even a lie. I got put in a holding cell at the airport for like five or six hours ... I went through the same shit like that, but I don't blame that on people. It has to stem back [to the fact] he didn't have a way to beat me. Same way he didn't have a way to beat Pat Stay. Same way he didn't have a way to beat Real Deal."

Daylyt: Rone "Literally Freed Me"

Daylyt aired out his reasons for leaving early in a vlog released yesterday.

"Eurgh, you know what's up," he said near the beginning of the commentary. "Let's expose it. Tell the people the truth. It's about business. People talking about, 'Daylyt did bad business.' It's about having your business organized in the first place. Don't Flop is a very big league. The shit should be organized."

Touching on his claims of being locked up in a London airport and getting no support from Don't Flop or Eurgh throughout the mix-up, Daylyt called out Rone and said their experiences weren't the same.

"I didn't go to where you went to Rone," he said. "I didn't go to where none of y'all went to. I went to another jail where the black niggas go to. It had nothing to do with my face tat. It had nothing to do with what I had in my bag. It had completely [to do with], 'You going to the black slum jail where the niggas go.' Boom. I sat in that bitch a day and a half. Almost two days."

As for his real reason for leaving the battle after a single round, Day says he knew all about Rone's plan.

"Before I get to the bounce thing, I keep telling people, 'I told Rone, "I know everything you're about to do. Your ultimate goal in this battle is to free the slave and make me quit,"' he said. "Look Rone, this is what I hate about white people. White people only read white history. They don't study anything else ... You have to really understand what Abe did: nothing. What did he do? He didn't free shit. Nigga, we still slaves. If you a black nigga you would understand this."

Shortly after he seemed to jokingly play the opposite card, giving Rone props for making him rethink his approach.

"Rone, you freed me bro," he said. "You literally freed me. I got out of there. You made me not wanna do antics no more. I don't want to do them. I'm free of all my antics ... You won Rone. You won. You absolutely won."

Eurgh: It's "A Slap In The Face To Me"

For his part, Eurgh largely denied Daylyt's claims of his being abandoned during a short stint in an airport holding facility, instead pointing out that it was a misunderstanding with customs.

Speaking about Day leaving the battle, Eurgh said, "He didn't have a legit reason."

"It is obviously a slap in the face to me," he added. "Obviously, I already said this to my team, for me it's not really about me. This shit isn't about me. I'm more gutted for people that paid to see the battle. Me, I can lose a bit of money here and there and I'll make it. I've got an event next week. That's how I look at it. I'm like, 'I lost some money today but I'll make it back in like five days time.' Whereas I feel like I'm more annoyed for the people that are here because they wanted to see him and they wanted to see Rone especially."

Reiterating his point, Eurgh reminded fans that he's interacted with Daylyt since the alleged incident.

"There's no situation," he said. "I know everybody's gonna keep asking me about this. There's no situation that ever involved jail or anything like that. There never has been there never will be. It's been escalated to sound like something it's not. All that happened was he came to London, this is 2013, obviously I've seen him since and he's been completely cool. But to be fair I've never booked him for [another] battle."

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