JC vs. Chilla Jones

THROWBACK CLASSIC! Watch one of the most revered small-room battles of all time.

It’s Christmas Eve, and we at BattleRap.com have decided to leave under your tree a look back at one of the absolute best rap battles of all time. A classic among classics, a showdown that came as if from out of nowhere into instant classic status, these two emcees turned in such a performance they went from Proving Ground to main eventers in one night. This is JC vs. Chilla Jones.

There’s something to be said for the year 2012 as a whole. Battle rap was just reaching its peak prior to the major investor and mainstream media dipping their toes into it, which resulted in the biggest main events of this still untouched pure era. Four years into the YouTube mobilization, perhaps the biggest event of this entire era was "Summer Madness 2." And while Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe has since gone on into battle rap infamy, the other classic from that special attraction wasn’t even on the main card.

Chilla Jones and JC were fresh from URL’s Proving Grounds. Both had the momentum and consistency to warrant a face-off, and since then few “one off” battles have even sniffed the level of schemes, bars, flows, performance in this showdown. The fact that this bout that featured two new talents on a smaller stager has more views than most main events, as well as one of the most active comment sections in the genre is a testament to what an incredible entry into the battle rap canon it is. Given that this status makes it something of the It’s a Wonderful Life of battling, this holiday season, sit down with the family around the fire and watch JC vs. Chilla Jones again, for the first time.

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