KOTD Announces Drake Partnership For "Blackout 5"

Toronto's biggest battle league is teaming up with Toronto's biggest celebrity.

UPDATE: "Blackout 5" goes down in Toronto on Feb. 7-8. Check out all our latest BO5 coverage, including battler announcements and previews here.

Less than two weeks after hosting "Flatline 3," KOTD has dropped a teaser trailer for their next Toronto event, February's "Blackout 5."

The trailer features KOTD alongside the signature owl from Drake's OVO brand.

KOTD's co-founder Organik tweeted:


Drake has been a vocal supporter of his hometown league for years, occasionally making it to live events and previously topping up the coffers to make additional battles happen at 2013's "World Domination 4." Earlier this year there were rumors that Drake was interested in battling, but they have since evaporated.

BattleRap.com spoke with Organik, who confirmed that Drake will not be battling at the event but is working with the league directly on match-up ideas. "It's the beginning of something huge for all of us," says Organik.

The trailer doesn't provide many details of exactly what's happening, but that seems to be the new trend with the Blackout series. "The mystery event returns," says the text in the trailer.

KOTD tried a new concept with last year's BO4 event where individual battlers were announced ahead of time but not who they'd be facing. The idea was that the fans wouldn't know the match-ups until both battlers were standing on the stage. The idea received praise for its innovation but weeks ahead of the event a card appeared on battle rap message boards purporting to be a leak of the actual match-ups. Once the event started, fans who had seen the leaked card quickly realized that it was accurate.

Do you like the "mystery" approach of the Blackout series? Do you think they'll be able to keep it secret this year? Let us know in the comments below.