Pat Stay & Charron Recap "Blackout 5" Battle

Charron and Pat Stay speak on their "Blackout 5" title match while Hollohan lashes out at Organik for keeping him off stage.

After months of buildup, "Blackout 5" delivered fully on its promise of unadulterated bars, surprise match-ups, and an epic title match throwdown. What would have likely been the night's biggest moment never came to fruition however as both Pat Stay and Organik separately stopped Charron from including former KOTD title-holder Hollohan in his third round.

As Charron tells it, he had prepped a third round attacking Pat with personals while Hollohan, who was supposed to stand beside Stay during the first half of the battle, made his way over to Charron's side in an epic show of support. Pat somehow heard about the angle in advance though and the stunt was never pulled off, as Pat warned Charron of a possible fight and separately Organik apparently prevented Hollohan from getting on stage. Hollohan has since spoken out against Organik and blames the league co-owner for getting in the way of setting the stage for a possible Hollohan vs. Pat Stay rematch.

Here's Pat and Charron speaking about it backstage ahead of the battle: spoke with both battlers after the match-up and got their take on the battle.

Charron Explains His Third Round

"I think it was the best title match in King Of The Dot history, Charron said early in the interview. "Like I said, I wasn't saying I was promising a win but I always promised it was gonna be the best title match."

When asked to break down his planned third round approach, Charron detailed the lead-up to Hollohan being kept offstage.

"This whole third round it was just stories of stuff I heard from certain people," he started. "Hollohan was gonna be behind Pat Stay — I'm not saying these are true or Hollohan said these were true — Hollohan was gonna switch sides when I was saying them. All these stories, like, 'Yeah, okay okay, it's battle rap.' I was gonna be like, 'The cancer, the snitch, you think I'm telling some white lies? Hollohan if all these are true switch over to my side.' Hollohan was gonna do the switch there. My whole third round was based upon that. It would have been the biggest moment in King Of The Dot history."

In light of the breakdown, he added, "I really did not have a third round. It was very loosely memorized. I was switching bars around so at a few points I almost did choke ... I'm happy I got my stuff out. I wish I could have done more in the third but I was just kind of [shaken] up about the whole thing. Obviously you find out the best bar you have can't be used. Before the battle, I'm like, 'Fuck, I'm not gonna be able to win this.'"

As for his own take on the end result, Charron apologized to his fans and admitted that he lost.

"I took the L but I think if the bars wouldn't have leaked out I would've won with that crazy angle," he said.

Pat Stay: "There's Battle Rap And Then There's Real Life"

After dissuading Charron to pull his third round stunt ahead of their battle, Pat Stay hinted that had Hollohan made his planned appearance the venue would have been shut down due to a brawl.

"Let's just say, I knew some shit," he said of Charron's plan leaking out early. "I'm enough of a stand-up guy to not rebuttal it, to not think of a rebuttal. I knew what was going on. If I was cheap I would have rebuttalled all kinds of shit. It would have been a major problem. A really major problem."

"It would have got cheers, it would have been cool," he said of Charron's plan. "People don't understand, man, I'm gonna say this straight-up: there's battle rap and then there's real life. That shit would have really become real life. I'm not saying anything right now. I'm just gonna leave it that."

When asked about what he told Charron ahead of the battle, a moment now immortalized in an epic pre-battle photo shown above, Pat explained his warning.

"I just said to him, 'Corey, you have to understand, I know that this is all you know, battle rap and stuff like that. But you don't understand doing something like that would cause real problems outside of battle rap,'" he said. "Like real shit. Nothing cool."

Pat, who largely shrugged off his victory, said, "At the end of the day I think they both would have really, really regretted that. Especially Hollohan 'cause we're cool."

Hollohan Says Organik Ruined A Possible Pat Stay Rematch

While Hollohan never came on stage as planned, he did speak on it after the event and lashed out at Organik for disallowing him to participate.

Check out his reactions on social media below:


Organik also addressed the situation on Facebook:


Despite Charron's undelivered third round tactic, was this the best KOTD title match ever? Let us know what you think in the comment section.