Reactions To Pat Stay vs. Charron

Did Pat win 3-0 or 2-1? Or did Charron squeak out a win?

Almost a month after the battle went down in Toronto, KOTD's Pat Stay vs. Charron title match is finally here.

Though Charron's third-round angle against Pat was stopped short by the league directly ahead of the battle, since its release yesterday, the footage has already fueled new discussion across the battle rap world.

The general consensus and judges' decision gave the battle to Pat Stay in at least a 2-1 victory with many acknowledging that Charron took the second round. (Pat Stay even admitted as much in's post-performance interview.)

Despite that, many fans are calling the battle a 3-0 victory for Pat but Charron still has many supporters giving him the last two rounds. Still, the RMBVA poll on the subject is nearly unanimous in favor of Pat.

Check out some reactions from Twitter and the official judges' decision below:

Judges' Decision

Of the five judges, Knamelis was the only one to give the battle to Charron. The general consensus among the others was that Pat won through three rounds, dipping noticeably in the second round if anything.

Since he was the outlier, here's Knamelis' take: "The closest round was the last round but I very slightly edge it to Pat in the third round," he said. "But with the Knamelis system that's a tied battle right there. To me the strongest moment, the most uneven moment of the battle was the second round when Charron really started building up his momentum. So I was the one judge that gave it to Charron." 

Knamelis' scorecard looked something like this: Round 1, Pat Stay (10-8); Round 2, Charron (10-7); Round 3, Pat Stay (10-9).

Fellow judge Murda Mook summed up a popular consensus about Pat Stay's performance neatly in his recap: "He has a lot of presence," Murda Mook said. "His presence is unmatched."

"This is arguably fan favorite versus fan favorite," Poison Pen said. "I didn't see any heels in this match-up. But Pat Stay catered to the crowd, catered to the enthusiasts, it catered to the heart. Charron was the perfect underdog story. I still think Charron is still the number one contender."

Check out the full judges' decision (minus Dumbfoundead) below:

The Memes

And for good measure, here are some memes that the match inspired:





Who do you think won? Would Charron have taken the chain if his Hollohan angle had gone through?