E. Farrell: "I'm The Champ Of The Country, Dawg"

The seasoned Connecticut rapper chops it up with Rone after a huge performance at KOTD's "MASSacre."

The biggest surprise from "MASSacre" was relatively unknown rapper E. Farrell arguably putting on performance of the night in the event's opening battle. For those familiar with Farrell's resume though, it's not that big a surprise. The 22-year-old emcee has been quietly posting massive performances in his home league of iBattle and has already made fans of many veteran battlers.

Here, Rone catches up with Farrell (AKA "Young Spice Rack") after his battle with 413 Battle League champion Sicarii at KOTD's event on May 16.

Farrell shows off his trademark faux boastfulness, telling Rone: "I was at the NOME event last week, chillin. I was waiting to talk to Smack about some shit and [Loaded] Lux actually came up to me. He heard me calling out Mook and shit so he was [on some] "Oh you gotta get through me" type shit. Farrell then goes on to say he told the legendary Harlem emcee to "get his money right" if he wanted to battle.


E. Farrell vs. Sicarii drops on KOTD's YouTube channel on July 27, but you can watch Farrell cook DOT in the meantime. See all of our coverage on Farrell by following his artist tag below.

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