Adam "Rone" Ferrone: AKA Roney Baby The Prince, Soon To Be The King, AKA "My Grandma's Favorite Grandson," AKA arguably the most likable battler of all time. Active since 2009, the Philly emcee combines humor with an incredibly technical rapid-fire rapping ability and his stage presence and charisma often overshadow the strength of his writing and ability to freestyle and rebuttal.

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The Top Rap Battles From May

Our picks for best battles of May, featuring battles from URL, KOTD, Don't Flop, iBattle, WeGoHard and RBE.

Rone vs. Head I.C.E

Head I.C.E becomes the new KOTD champion in one of the most heavily debated title matches in history.

Rone vs. Caustic

Dope, debatable battle for the King of the Dot championship.

Caustic vs. Rone

The full lyrics to the KOTD title match from "World Domination 6."