Gin-I vs. Psycoses Set For "World Domination 5"

South African rapper Gin-I returns to KOTD to face one of the league's rising stars.

If, after reading that headline, you're asking "who vs. who?" then you clearly don't read this site enough. Don't worry though, we've still got you covered.

Psycoses has been one of the more impressive breakout battlers of 2015 so far, taking out N Pose and RemyD before his Battle Of The Night contender against JC at KOTD's "Back To Basics 2" in June. This will be his first appearance for KOTD in Toronto.

South Africa's Gin-I is definitely a more obscure addition to the card, though some fans may remember him from his appearance against Pigsty in a performance plagued by sound issues at WD4 or as the host and organizer of his home league, Scrambles 4 Money. His WD5 spot was initially reserved for S4M champ Jake Baker, though passport issues prevented him from making the trip.

Watch the trailer here:

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