Eurgh Addresses Cancelled "World Domination 5" Battle

UPDATE: Organik releases a detailed statement of his side of the story.

In the wake of his cancelled battle against Sketch Menace at King Of The Dot's "World Domination 5" this weekend, Don't Flop league owner Eurgh has sent an exclusive statement addressing the situation.

The battle with Sketch was viewed by fans with some intrigue after the KOTD Alberta division boss’ dissed Don’t Flop in his battle with Soul during "Blackout 4," and Eurgh’s subsequent response in his battle against 24/7 on "Blackout 5."

Organik announced yesterday that the battle was off:

In the comments of the post announcing the cancellation on his Facebook, Organik expounded on this by saying:


Sketch Menace also commented on the cancellation on Facebook:



Here's what Eurgh had to say about it:

I informed KOTD that I would not be attending the event on Mon 10 Aug. I kept quiet about it as it is the duty of the promoter to inform the attendees. They chose to announce this on Thur 20 Aug.

I said in solid terms that I would no longer be attending so it was their choice to continually message me. I have not got time to argue about pointless topics, so chose to no longer respond to them after I had broke down exactly why I would not be coming because nothing more needed to be said.

Up until the point of cancellation, I was enjoying writing for the battle and was/am really happy with the bars I had ready. It's a shame they will probably now not be heard.

I am unsure why their staff have gone about this in a way where it appears I am in the wrong, because all I need to do is post one screenshot of the reason I cancelled and the situation is done. I am choosing not to because making certain people look bad is still so unimportant to me and my staff, regardless of how important it clearly is to others.

Even though Sketch is running his mouth saying i'm a pussy, I am still apologetic towards him because I know how frustrating this situation must be for him. He did nothing wrong and I would be behaving the same way in his shoes, so for leaving you with no battle this weekend, I am sorry.

What concerns me is that it seems like even some of the KOTD staff have only been told half a story. I don't even think Sketch knows what happened. It's worrying that people/sheep can be used as pawns in these situations because they will believe and act on anything that they're told. I'm supposedly now banned from Canada because I stuck to my guns and didn't let a stranger talk down to me.

I fully understand what my position was at WD5: a punching bag for Sketch, and I was fine with that. The closest chance the Canadian fans had to ever seeing a KOTD staff member cut down their league rivals was Sketch. He cannot remotely fuck with me on any level when it comes to battling, but I was cool to stand there whilst he rallied up the home crowd for 2 minutes until I came back three times in a row and shut him down. My entire performance was catered towards exactly what they wanted to hear and it would have been a brilliant battle because I have faith that he would have tried his hardest.

However, if I am battling for you as a favour, I expect to be treated with respect. I am the first one to admit I will never be Lux or Hollow but at be same time, I am not some brainwashed Ground Zero MC who will let you fuck his girlfriend for a chance to hit the main channel. Being a battle rapper means nothing to me. Being a promoter is all I'm bothered about nowadays. If i'm booked for you to rap, treat me accordingly.

More than one battle rapper has contacted me and, with no prior knowledge of the situation, guessed almost perfectly what happened and who it involved. This speaks volumes about the kind of activity that has gone on behind the scenes for years now.

I am not completely ruling the battle out for another time but it is unlikely. With everything I have in the pipeline for my own league, the last ten days have made me realise that 99% of the time it is a stupid move for me to be dedicating so many hours into things that do not benefit my team at all.

All this aside, I can say that I wish them all good luck this weekend because running an event is a difficult and draining process. Just like I said when I cancelled, though, I would also suggest that KOTD review their artist liason techniques if they wish to prosper in future.

Eurgh and Organik have started going at it in Facebook comments now too.



Later, Organik told his side of the story on Facebook.


Oh, and also this:


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