Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly Takes Center Stage At “World Domination 5”

Eat your heart out, Daylyt, Kid Twist may have just pulled off one of the biggest antics in battle rap history.

The first major headline from King Of The Dot’s “World Domination 5” is here, and it’s a crazy one. During his battle against Philadelphia rapper Rone, Kid Twist brought out 74-year-old Toronto City Councillor and recent viral news celebrity Norm Kelly.

[UPDATE, Aug. 22: Here's some better footage.]

It was a power move by Twist, reference Norm Kelly’s involvement in the widely documented feud between Drake and Meek Mill. Back on July 21, Meek Mill set the hip-hop world alight when he took to Twitter to claim that Drake doesn’t write his own raps and instead, enlists a ghostwriter by the name of Quentin Miller. While the world was awaiting a reply from Drizzy, an unlikely name popped up and got on the defensive for him. That person? Toronto City Councillor, Norm Kelly. In a simple tweet posted the next day, Norm said:

The tweet made headlines all over the world but it wasn’t long before Meek Mill fired back, seemingly starting a rivalry between the two personalities.

The battle on Friday night had parallels to the recent rap beef, since Kid Twist is from Toronto (Drake’s hometown) and Rone is from Philly (Meek Mill’s hometown).

In an interview with, Kid Twist explained how the partnership came together:

I literally just thought of the idea. I thought ‘That would be crazy.’ I went to the City of Toronto website, found his public email, sent him an email ... I wrote this extremely professional email putting all my actual 9-to-5 job skills to use. His assistant emailed me back [saying] “Sorry he’s out of town right now. I just kept pushing more emails and eventually his assistant started getting back to me and I talked to his assistant on the phone a bunch of times.

I had to have him here. I was like: 'Yo, you know what’s gonna happen? First round is gonna be super close. Second round — some people will say I take it, some people will say you took it. Third round — I have to bring out Norm Kelly or I’m gonna lose the battle.'

Nevertheless, Rone didn’t let the hype or the crowd’s wild reaction faze him. He started his round with a pretty gutsy rebuttal:

After the event, Norm Kelly took to Twitter to thank KOTD and Kid Twist for the occasion.

And of course, the battle rap world was all for Norm’s cameo:

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