The Best Of Battle Rap Twitter (Sept. 6-12)

The best rants, jokes and trash talk from around the battle rap world.

The battle rap conversation on Twitter never stops. To make it easier for you to track what's happening, sifts through all the chatter to find the most compelling 140-character outbursts.

This week, we get plenty of reaction to “Summer Madness 5” and Pat Stay and Rone team up for a special announcement.

But first, the Grind Time "hot air balloon rap battle" in-joke continues.

Eurgh approved of a meme.

Swave Sevah weighed in on the recently announced “Summer Madness 5” card.

Daylyt did some serious trolling in light of URL’s decision not to put him on SM5.

Is Tay Roc vs. Calicoe a battle of the night contender for SM5?

Murda Mook revealed who he believes should be on SM5. Read more reaction to the card here.

Loaded Lux and Charlie Clips traded shots ahead of their battle.

And Rone took shots at K-Shine just because.

DNA & K-Shine vs. Hitman Holla & Aye Verb became the second English-language battle this year to hit one million view.

Shotty Horroh hyped the release of his rematch against Arsonal from KOTD's "World Domination 5."

Avocado announced that he'd be filming the Pat Stay & Rone vs. Marlo & Shuffle-T compliment battle on Sept. 26.

Will Hopsin be the next industry artist to step into the battle arena? If B Magic has anything to do with it then he just may be. Recently, Hopsin — alongside fellow labelmates Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton — challenged other hip-hop labels to a battle with the winner taking home $500,000. He's also been hanging out with Daylyt recently, so who knows if those two will face off.

Organik approved of the recently announced match-up between Pat Stay and Hollow Da Don.

And finally, E. Farrell and Daylyt put on a classic at iBattle's "Takeover 3."

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