Music Of The Month: Loaded Lux, Rone, Tsu Surf

Your monthly mixtape from the battle rap community.

Every month we compile a list of the best singles, videos and albums to come out of the battle rap community.

This month’s releases (there were a lot) feature a number of songs and projects from well-known names and some incredibly creative content, as well as a long-awaited album from the new KOTD champ. Let us know which ones you think have staying power in the comments at the end of this article.

Loaded Lux – "Make A Move (Freestyle)"

In conjunction with the Charlie Clips battle at "Summer Madness 5," Loaded Lux released the deluxe version of Beloved 2 and is sure to make a lot of noise both in and out of the battle rap scene. This freestyle promo track sees Lux in top form on the soulful Jay Electronica beat and shows why he is arguably one of the best rappers in the game.

Tsu Surf – "Long Way From Home"

It seems like Newark’s Tsu Surf makes his way into this column every month, but his DreamWish Digital (AKA URL camera ace Twizz) produced video is too good to ignore. With a bottle of Hennessy in hand, Surf goes off talking about real life issues and gives a glimpse of the intense scenes he witnessed as a young man in New Jersey.

Dumbfoundead - "Domies"

Los Angeles rapper Dumbfoundead is about one step away from being a superstar. He's been hinting at a role on a major TV show, and is on the cutting edge of experimental hip-hop music with tracks like "Domies," which features Korean viral sensation Keith Ape.

Cassidy feat. Fred Money & Chubby Jag – "Choices Remix"

Cassidy’s verse on his recently released video doesn’t exactly set the world on fire lyrically, but it’s worth noting that he takes a shot at Dizaster, proclaiming he ended the L.A. rapper’s career and alludes to the fact that his opponent might not have been fully prepared for their infamous battle.

Calicoe - Young Shoebox Money Vol. 1

On the same day as his battle with Tay Roc at SM5, Detroit's Calicoe dropped his mixtape on iTunes and performed an impromptu show outside of the venue at the end of the night.

Cadalack Ron — "Revelations 3:19"

The title presumably references the Bible passage: "Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent," which sounds a lot like a battle rapper's M.O., mixed with the path to redemption Caddy has been following since relapsing into sobriety. The Los Angeles native has always made interesting music, and this autobiographical track keeps up that tradition.

T-Top — "Can't Tell Me"

He may have toned down the drug talk in his SM5 battle with T-Rex, but it's in full force in this trap hit released on URL's channel.

C Plus, Final Outlaw, Soul Khan – Team BackPack Cypher

All three rappers absolutely smash their verse in the latest Team BackPack cypher but battle fans will be interested in the third verse, where retired legend Soul Khan steals the show with his trademark style and unique voice, and even takes a shot at Donald Trump to keep it current.

Rone — "Crazy"

Philly emcee Rone explores the lengths people go to achieve their goals in this new track from his forthcoming Committed album, which is expected to drop on Nov. 13. "Dreams keep us all night," he quips between the catchy chorus.

Cali Smoov – "Legend N Tha Making"

Beautiful Kona, Hawaii is the visual backdrop for this mellow track from Cali Smoov. The minimal beat provides just enough direction for Cali to get his point across. His flow and ability to sing make Cali an artist to pay attention to, and he sounds more than comfortable on this track.

Dialect – "Bilzar + More Diss"

Anyone who follows Don’t Flop already knows that Dialect is a beast on a beat, but if there are any doubters left this track should end that contention. It may take multiple listens, but layered within these lyrics are a ton of insane lines. Dialect spits what seems like about 300 bars in four minutes so pay attention. Very impressive.

Impact – "Grime Bars"

A popular tactic in the grime scene, Impact released a video of him basically flexing his lyrical prowess with rapid-fire delivery and a ton of poignant bars, boasting that he “makes this shit look so fucking easy.” It’s hard to argue with him.

Illmaculate & OnlyOne feat. Chase Moore – "Can’t Take That Away"

One of the most anticipated pairings in battle rap over the years has been the oft-teased Illmaculate & OnlyOne album. Well, it’s finally here, and it's glorious. In celebration, they released a Jameson and marijuana inspired banger with help from producer/rapper/regular collaborator Chase Moore. All three of them are comfortable and as focused as you can be when you’re that high.

G Mayne Frost - "Shooting At The Sky"

In the fallout of the mini-scandal involving Arsonal, sweat, dreadlocks, and one of the biggest dudes in battle rap, Frost dropped this diss track detailing his side of the altercation.

Bill Collector – "Hit You"

Tom Big killed this remix, where he took choice moments from Bill Collector’s battle with DOT and made a slick little track that is a must see. Warning: you might be singing “hit you from the Poconos” for hours after watching this.

Other Notable Releases

B Magic — "Till I Die"

Head I.C.E — "Real Nigga Shit" (Math Hoffa diss)

Math Hoffa — "You Too Old" (response to I.C.E)

Mickey Factz — "Rap Riddles"

Lunar C - "Shnaffleberry"

Lotta Zay - The Air Up There

Tay Roc — "Summer Madness 5 John John Da Don Diss Record"

Enigma feat. Daylyt — "Private Stock"

Sean Kingston feat. Chief Keef — "Murda Mook"

B. White with B-Brixx and Real Deal — "Coming Home"

Juan — Rainy Day Instrumental (demo)

Let us know your favorites in the comments below.