Music Of The Month: Daylyt, Rone, Big T

Your monthly mixtape from the battle rap community.

Each month we do a roundup of the best singles, music videos, and albums from the battle rap community. This month is dominated by diss tracks — in particular the fallout from the ongoing war between NXW and Dot Mob, along with hype from Shotgun Suge for his upcoming clash with Charlie Clips.

Let us know about how you feel about the tracks, and/or what we missed throughout the month, at the end of the article.

Daylyt — "Ronda Rousey"

After Holly Holm made quick work of Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 with a kick that went viral almost as quickly as it was delivered to the side of Rousey's head, was there ever any doubt Daylyt would offer his own spin on the event? This track managed to gain some viral success, garnering more than 200k views, which eclipses the 135k views for his song about Paul Walker.

Daylyt's Back to Back Disses

Amidst the controversy that came with the one-sided (albeit brief) game of slap boxing between K-Shine and Charron, Dot Mob head honcho Murda Mook publicly gave K-Shine his marching papers. For those who have forgotten that Daylyt is a member of Dot Mob, he reminded us all by immediately firing shots with two songs directed at both K-Shine and NWX, respectively. The first of these, a somewhat serious call out of K-Shine, critiques Shine's behavior as a member of Dot Mob. It even ends with a threat about how Shine will pay for what he did to Charron.

DNA — "Mind ur Business"

DNA fired back at Murda Mook and Daylyt in a response video.

Big T — "Rex What's The Problem?"

NWX member Big T also took a shot at T-Rex and the rest of Dot Mob.

Rain910 — A Perfect Day To Die

URL artist and NWX member Rain also released his full project, which features Cory Gunz, Paul Wall and several others.

DNA & K-Shine — "Friday Fire Cypher"

Their success on the BET Hip Hop Cypher took both DNA and K-Shine to "Sway In The Morning" for a freestyle.

Shotgun Suge feat. Shaq — "December 12"

Continuing our focus on callouts and beef between rappers/crews, Shotgun Suge, in anticipation of his Dec. 12 URL battle with Charlie Clips, dropped a track featuring fellow New Jersey notable Shaquille O'Neal. Outlining potential angles for their battle, Suge questions Clips’ gang affiliations and his street credibility throughout the track.

URL's channel also dropped a video for his take on "Heaven Or Hell."

Jaz the Rapper, Prez Mafia, Born, Brooklyn Carter, Showoff, Tay Roc & Chess — "Sincere Cypherz"

PG Blogger Sincere set up this absolutely fire cypher over The Alchemist’s "Keep it Thoro," as a mixture of URL vets and PG stars turn up with absolutely no slacking on their 16s.

Mad Stacks (Tony Madness and Frank Stacks) — "80's Babies"

This video and song may not appeal to some of our younger readers, but for those of us who grew up in the 80s, this song and video are amazing. Hitting on everything from Thundercats to 80s slasher flicks, this video (edited by Don't Flop's Cruger) put a smile on my face the entirety of its far-too-short four-minute length.

Get the Mad Stacks album on iTunes.

Rone — Committed

Two new songs and videos have dropped from contributor and battle rapper extraordinaire, Roney Baby Da Prince, to celebrate his new album Committed. Pick it up on iTunes here.

"Erase Me," the first of these two tracks, is a personal journey through Rone’s life and battle rap, and gives real insight into who he is as a person. One of his most personal tracks, it’s bursting with charm, starting with a clip from his freestyle battle with Charles Hamilton, and ending with a clip from his battle with Prophet.

The second is the album's title track — pure bravado as Rone spits over a RZA-inspired, Kung Fu soundtrack-infused beat.

Felman — Good Grief EP contributor and battle rapper Mos Prob takes to the studio to drop an extremely personal EP where he takes listeners on a journey through his process of self-reflection.

JR Slander feat. Ransom, Myrick, Santi & Tsu Surf — "Wildin"

New Jersey battler JR Slander drops a hot video with Tsu Surf turning up and putting on a solid verse. For those paying attention, this video features guest dance appearances from both Uno Lavoz and Arsonal Da Rebel.

Frak — "Rapping About Rap"

Though a newcomer to the KOTD platform with his impressive GZ debut, Frak has had a strong musical career before battle rap. Here he shows off his sense of humor, as he exposes hip-hop clichés, even poking fun at his own material throughout the track.

Other Notable Releases

Dizaster — "Party And Bullshit Freestyle"

Tay Roc — It's Real Dark In Here

Math Hoffa — "100 Freestlye"

Impact — "Show Off"

Velli — "Chicken and Beef"

Dre Dennis feat. Tone — "Young and Reckless"

Jaz The Rapper — "I'm The Plug Freestyle"

Illmaculate & Only One — "Only & Ill"

Heretic — Stars On The Streets

The Barchitects — "Poppy" and "None Of Ya Better Freestyle"

Rich Dolarz — "If I Was Meek"

Hulk — "Bang On EM"

QP — "#MBF Daughter Dedication Song"

Tori Doe — "Free Cable"

Ah Di Boom & William E Bonny — "So Bad"

Reverse Live & Goldshards — "Imagine If All Our Eyes Were Bleeding"

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