Previews & Predictions For URL's "A Perfect Day To Die"

Battlers and bloggers prepare for the Dec. 12 event featuring John John Da Don vs. Tay Roc and Charlie Clips vs. Shotgun Suge.

URL's annual December card is going down this Saturday (Dec. 12) in NYC and though the buzz for the battles is relatively low, all eyes will be on the event to see what happens with the ongoing NWX/Dot Mobb feud. The event, which will be held at the Gramercy Theatre, is headlined by a match between Maryland's Tay Roc and New York's John John Da Don, who have traded multiple shots both on stage and online over the past few months.

The event will also include Shotgun Suge vs. Charlie Clips in a high stakes match-up. Clips has been incredibly active recently with battles against Gemini, Big Kannon, Quill and Shotty Horroh in the past few weeks. Suge has had a great year on URL, and this match-up is important to see who can finish the year on a high note.

The two emcees did a weigh-in with DJ Kay Slay on Shade 45 on Friday:

Other battles on the card include Chilla Jones versus Th3 Saga, Brizz Rawsteen vs. DNA, K-Shine vs. X-Factor and the recently added battle between Cortez and Uno Lavoz.

The card hasn't inspired the typical amount of prediction blogs a URL event normally does, but here are the best ones we found.

Smack White took to URL's channel to preview some of the match-ups for the event.

Smack White

Clips vs. Suge: "It all depends what Clips comes with, you know what I'm saying. Is Clips going to prepare or is he gonna come on some freestyling shit ... I think Suge had a crazy year this year, I like his momentum."

Tay Roc vs. John John: "I think that's going to be a classic. John John is crazy, Tay Roc is my gunner, that's why I put these battles together to see who would win, cause I don't know who's going to win."

Troy Martin

The War Report's Troy Martin donned his ski mask for his prediction blog.

Clips vs. Suge: "I'm predicting Suge 2-1 over Charlie Clips. The thing with Clips with me, as a URL fan going to these events standing there, I think we might be getting like tired ... We going to be listening Clips, we just don't want no half-ass shit."

Tay Roc vs. John John: "I'm predicting a classic and I'm going with John John 2-1 ... If that John John showed up against Wavy, this is going to be crazy. This going to be battle of the night."

Some of the PG Bloggers also discussed the card in a recent episode of "This Week In Battle Rap."

Fans and battlers alike have taken to twitter to comment on the upcoming event:

Battle Phanatic also dropped predictions for the PG/One-Offs card happening the following day in Brooklyn.

Stay tuned on Saturday for live updates from the event!

Comments? Predictions? Let us know who you got winning these battles below.